sarah-lacina-survivor-cagayan-CBS.jpg“Survivor: Cagayan” saw its first really crazy Tribal Council when two Idols were played (for the wrong people) and then Sarah Lacina was blindsided after Kass McQuillen flipped on their alliance. Lacina tells Zap2it that Kass flipping was a terrible move in the game.

Zap2it: You seemed to be in a pretty good position going into the merge, what happened?
Sarah Lacina: It still baffles me. There was no rhyme or reason to flip. In the situation we were in, I ran the scenario through my mind several times, and I realized you cannot win the game if you flip. For anybody else in the new Aparri tribe, it would have been stupid because they have no allegiance with anyone else on the other side. If you flip, you’re just a pawn now in their game. I didn’t see any logic behind it, so I didn’t really think it could happen because it would be stupid to do. But apparently I was wrong.

Was Kass as angry at you when you were arguing about who to target as she came across on TV?
Definitely. We just didn’t get along. Out of all 18 people, she’s the one person I didn’t get along with out there, and I get along with just about everybody. She’s just abrasive in the way she comes off. There had been talk [amongst Aparri] of “Let’s stay six strong,” but also we had been like, “We’re going to have to get rid of Kass before we get to the Final 6 because we can’t put up with her much longer.”

Were you surprised when Kass flipped on you and your alliance?
Yeah, I was completely shocked. Definitely did not see it coming. … The only person it could have potentially benefited in flipping me was me, because then I could at least say I had a good reason to, but she absolutely had no good reason to at all, so that’s what shocked me so much. Why would you do this? Explain to me how this is going to help you win a million dollars because all it’s gonna do is help you sit in the finals [and not win]. They’d be idiots not to take her to the finals now because nobody is going to vote for her.

It seemed like Kass just torpedoed her game.
Absolutely … that’s why I didn’t [flip]. It’s a consensus out there that that was absolutely not a strategic move, it was an emotional move — a ridiculous, idiotic move. I guess we’ll see. If she wins a million dollars, I’ll eat those words.

That Tribal Council was crazy — was it as insane for you guys as it was to watch on TV?

Definitely, it was insane sitting there. I was wrong — I sat there [before Tribal] and was like, “I guarantee Tony doesn’t have an Idol,” and sure enough, he pulls that thing out. But I wasn’t actually convinced he would play it because how many times have we seen Idols come out and they sit there around their necks? … Luckily, we had a plan B and were able to execute that one smoothly without them knowing.

We had to be very quiet about how we were gonna vote because out of five people, two people are going to be safe between their Idols. We were really proud of ourselves for picking Jefra. LJ and Tony were patting each other on the back just thinking they’re the best thing ever, and then Jeff pulls out the first name and it says “Jefra” and it was almost funny because they went from cloud nine to “Oh my gosh, we just lost both our Idols and Jefra’s going home.” It was just a roller coaster back and forth. 

Who do you think is in the best position in the game right now?
I would say, after watching, I didn’t give Trish enough credit out there. I definitely thought she was a key player, but I didn’t think she was doing as much as she was doing. I thought Tony was running the show a little more, I thought LJ was running the show a little more, but after watching the last couple episodes, Trish has been the mastermind behind all the big moves in the game. If she keeps this up, I don’t know how you can’t vote for her to win.

“Survivor: Cagayan” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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