tasha-fox-voted-out-survivor-cagayan-CBS.jpgTasha Fox looked like she was poised to make a big run on “Survivor: Cagayan,” winning three individual Immunity Challenges in a row and trying to make a move against Tony, who is definitely controlling the game. But alas, she and Spencer could not pull it off and she was sent home. She tells Zap2it that she was not surprised Woo and Kass didn’t move against Tony, but she had a great time and would go back in a heartbeat.

Zap2it: Are you glad you went on “Survivor”? Was it everything you

hoped or expected it would be?
Tasha Fox: Oh my gosh, yes. I applied for the show three times, so I

was so happy to have been cast this season. I must say,

though, that was short-lived once I ended up on the Brain

Tribe and we sucked [laughs]. I’m like, ‘Nooooo, I waited 14 years to get on this show and I’m on the sucky tribe!’ [laughs] But I was just glad to be part of the cast of all newsbies. I’m just so happy to a part of it.

This season has seemed so unpredictable, more than any

season we can remember. Did it seem that way when you were

playing it?
Absolutely. It was so great because — and I’ve been a fan

since day one — it kind of sucks when you know exactly

what’s going to happen. But to be playing and know that you always have a chance in this game this season — just when you think you’re on the bottom, the things that happen, you’re like, ‘Oh my gosh, I just got a second life and a third life,’ which was great as a player, to know that at any given moment things could change.

Were you surprised that Kass and Woo voted you out?

Because it looked as though they had decided to go with

you and Spencer against Tony.
Right. So, I was happy it looked like we had a plan and

there was a possibility that they would go with Spencer

and me, but at the same time, I was being realistic and I said, “It’s Kass and it’s Woo, don’t put too much weight in those two.” I think it’s clear that Woo and Kass are Team Tony, so yeah, that wasn’t a surprise at all.

What was the real thinking about Tony’s Idol situation,

did you guys really think he was lying about having the

special Idol?
In the scene where Tony was really going off on Kass …

that’s when it hit me that like, OK, I think he really

does have it. It was a heated moment and the thing about

Tony, if you put him in the right situation, you encourage

him enough or piss him off enough and he’ll just let you

know what’s really going on. In that moment I felt like he

was telling the truth.

We know you know the answer to this, but at the time when

you were filming — once Tony couldn’t use his Idols

anymore, did you think the castaways would immediately target him for elimination?
Um, I would say no, I didn’t think at that point that anyone was going to do anything to get Tony out just because they had been so loyal to him, even through blindsides and being left out of decisions. If they weren’t willing to take him out at that point, there was nothing that will make them want to do that. I figured Tony would be there at the end and whoever he sat next to probably didn’t stand a chance. I think they were banking on the fact that he had pissed off so many people that they had a chance, so I just felt like nobody was willing to vote him out. They felt like he was more of a villain and wouldn’t get votes.

We’re curious to see how it plays out because we wouldn’t take him in a million years. He’s played a pretty solid game.
It would appear that way, but below the surface I think he played a really good game because Woo and Trish played their roles. Woo is the enforcer, let me just enforce what TOny wants done, and Trish is the clean-up woman. Whether or not she’s in on the decisions, her role was to go behind Tony and clean up the mess. If you would have given me and Spencer a Trish and a Woo who played their roles perfectly, we would have looked like rock stars too.

When you got voted out, who did you think was in the best

position in the game? Was it Tony for sure?
Oh, Tony, for sure. Hands down. He’s sitting in a good

spot, but like you said, it’s an unpredictable season, so you just never know what could happen.

Were you hoping Spencer would win it all, since it

couldn’t be you?
Um, honestly? When I was voted out, I was just like

whoever wins, good for them. That’s really how I felt. I

didn’t feel like I had any strong alliance members who

were my advocates throughout the game, so at this point,

I’m like I realy don’t care who wins because I’m nto really

partial to anyone at this point.

Would you go back on “Survivor” if they asked you?
If they asked me to leave tomorrow, my bags would be

packed tonight. I had such a great time. Everyone that I

came in contact with at CBS and the show and the

producers, the staff, everybody is top-notch. It was a

great experience.

“Survivor: Cagayan” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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