trish-hegarty-exit-interview-survivor-cagayan-CBS.jpgTrish Hegarty is the latest castaway voted out of “Survivor: Cagayan.” She tells Zap2it that she forgives Tony for voting her out and that Kass is delusional about how good of a game she is playing.

Zap2it: Are you glad you went on “Survivor”? Was it everything you were hoping it would be?
Trish Hegarty: It was the most amazing experience I’ve ever been on. I learned so much about myself, so many great life lessons. It was fantastic. I would have liked to come home with the million dollars, but didn’t we all? Only one person can win.

Was it harder than you thought it would be? We have to say, you were alarmingly thin by the time you were voted out. It was a little scary.

It was a little scary, I agree with that. You know what, when you’re sitting around at home drinking beers and eating nachos and you’re like, “What an idiot!” when you’re watching the game as a “Survivor” fan, it’s so much harder when you get out there. To be that hungry and be that far away from my family and not have any contact with my children. That was the most difficult part for me, not knowing what my kids were doing. So yes, it was much more mentally challenging than I thought it was going to be. I don’t think I was prepared for how much I was going to miss my children and how difficult it was going to be to live with people like Kass. It was much more difficult than I thought it would be, yes, to answer your question.

Talk to us about you and Kass — why did you say that she was always the victim out there?
Because Kass was somebody who loved to like — she would get in a fight with Tony and then Tony would say one thing and she’d be like, “Tony’s being so mean to me!” But you just said like 60 mean things to him and he said one thing to you and you’re like a baby crying over there. We all had to maintain her feelings all the time, she was exhausting. Just always the victim. She’s a lawyer so she’s used to always criticizing other people, but she’s not used to be criticized herself and she can’t handle it.

This season has seemed so unpredictable watching from home, you never know what someone is going to do. Did it feel that way when you were out there?
Yes, it did. It was very unpredictable, you just never knew. Yeah, it was crazy. It was very paranoid-inducing because nobody seemed loyal, you know? Jefra was pretty loyal — she was going to flip, but for the most part she was a pretty loyal person. Tony I thought was loyal. Obviously he wasn’t last night, but up until then he had been very loyal to me.

That was actually our next question — we were shocked to see that Tony voted for you to leave. Did you know he voted you out?

No, I didn’t know until I got back to Ponderosa. I was really disappointed that he wrote my name down.

Why do you think he did that?
I know why he did it. This sounds so silly, but I’m like a person of honor, so I’m always like “If you said it, own it, or if you did, just own it and move on.” So I think that Tony knows how I think and he knew he wanted me to go home, and I think he thought that I would think he was a wimp if he didn’t put my name down. He wanted me to go home because he thought I was a threat, and if he was a wimp and didn’t put my name down, I would have no respect for him. So I think he put my name down so that I would respect him. … [I told him] I would have rather have you not wrote my name down and he said, yeah, but I wanted you to go home and if I didn’t write your name down, you would’ve thought that I was being a kiss-a** or something and I didn’t want you to think that of me, I wanted you to think I was honorable. That’s what he explained to me and knowing him, I believe him.

We were surprised he didn’t use both his Idols to keep you and himself safe. Is that something you thought he might do?
He had been telling me all along that he was going to use an Idol, but he wanted me out. He had somehow discovered along the way that if we were sitting the Final 3, he couldn’t beat me. He saw me as a threat, so in a way it’s a very left-handed compliment. He got rid of me because it was him, Kass and I, that was our goal, for the three of us to be in the end. I felt as though if I was sitting next to Kass, nobody would cast her a vote, and if I was sitting next to Tony an there was a disgruntled jury … they would have given me the million. I was planning on going to the end with them, that was my goal.

In doing these exit interviews, there have been a lot of people talking about what a good position you were in, so maybe he’s right. Maybe you would have beaten Tony for the money.
I think he was afraid if it came down to a personality contest, I would have won. And to be perfectly honest, if I had sat hypothetically next to Tony and I did win against a disgruntled jury, I really wouldn’t have felt good about that because Tony really played the game a lot harder than I did, you know? … I forgave Tony the second it happened, though. It was a game, I understand why he felt like he had to get rid of me.

But I don’t forgive Kass. There’s nothing to forgive, I just don’t like her. It’s not even about forgiving. I just never cared for her from the second I met her and if I live 50 years, I won’t care for her 50 years from now. She’s just one of those people.

Who did you think was in the best position when you left the game?
Spencer would be in the best position had he kept, if he could keep winning Immunities. Everybody in the jury really liked Spencer. If he got to the end, he was in the best position, but everybody wanted him out because they saw what I saw.

Kass was never in a good position. She was delusional and thought that she was playing such an awesome game, she was such a player and everybody was going to see that, but little did she know that everybody was just keeping her around because everybody thought they could beat her in the end because nobody liked her.

What I find absolutely fascinating is that Tony screwed everybody but it’s Kass that everyone doesn’t like. It’s really fascinating if you think about the whole human behavior piece of it.

“Survivor: Cagayan” airs its two-hour finale and live reunion show Wednesday, May 21 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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