survivor caramoan andrea cochran 'Survivor: Caramoan': Malcolm makes an interesting move at the Survivor AuctionCan the Three Amigos pull off another crazy week on “Survivor: Caramoan”? Let’s find out!


After Tribal, nobody seems too upset about Phillip’s ouster. Yeah, we can’t imagine we’d cry too much over that one. But can the Three Amigos keep shaking things up? It’ll be interesting to see what Erik does, since he flipped and nobody knows.

Erik enjoys being the swing vote, but as has been demonstrated before — Erik is not exactly a master strategist in this game, so it remains to be seen if he actually works this to his advantage.

Meanwhile, Cochran is pretty pumped to have been part of such a crazy Tribal Council. Yeah, we would be too. The “Survivor” fans in us would completely lose our minds.

Speaking of losing one’s mind, Brenda is freaking out a little bit about what this means for the Favorites alliance. Man, Brenda has been really MIA until just very recently and now she’s have a breakdown. We know during the filming she was obviously involved the whole time, but editing-wise, she’s been almost nonexistent, so it’s weird to see her so involved all of a sudden.

Reward Challenge

“Survivor” auction! Alright, alright, alright. Malcolm’s first instinct is to save his money for the advantage in the game — at least his head is screwed on straight, because he definitely needs an advantage more than he needs a cheeseburger.

Probst welcomes them with, “Who doesn’t love the ‘Survivor’ auction?” Nobody, Jeff, that’s who. Rules are standard — no sharing money or food, auction will end at any time. Let’s do this!

And then — wait, what?! Malcolm! You doof! Malcom bids $20 on beer, peanuts and pretzels. So now he can’t bid $500 on the game advantage. Dude. DUDE.

Reynold buys a hidden item for $180, then is offered two other different covered items that he can switch for. Reynold sticks with … a slice of pizza. But he missed out on the rest of the pizza, which Sherri immediately buys for $500. Ha!

Dawn then buys a whole roasted chicken for $500 — no utensils for this girl, just diving right in. That’s our Dawn. The next item is information in the game and Malcolm bids what he has left, but nobody offers up their $500 to get it. Huh.

Malcolm gets 60 seconds to look at it, which is directions to another Hidden Idol. It’s buried and hidden really well, it looks like.

The next covered item goes to Andrea for $280 — spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread and wine. If she is willing to give it up, the tribe gets rice and beans. She does, because Andrea’s a great person. (All people named Andrea are, just FYI.)

Next item is an advantage in the next Immunity Challenge. Cochran wins with $340 because Brenda is too scared to keep bidding. She’s seriously acting really weird. Cochran has to keep the note sealed until the challenge.

The next covered item goes to Brenda for $300. She wins pig brains. Oh dear. That’s enough to maybe make her snap, but she says she isn’t going to cry and she tries it. Hey, protein’s protein at this point, lady. Eat up.

Letters from loved ones go to whoever has $20 left. Dawn and Sherri are crying because they don’t have any money left.

The last item goes to Eddie for $200. It’s for sharing and it’s a giant bowl of peanut butter. They have 60 seconds to dive in. Malcolm echoes our sentiments when he says, “How’d you get that in there?” Ha! Yes.

They dive in like hyenas and thus ends the “Survivor” auction.


Back at camp, they read their letters for home and everybody cries — while covered (absolutely covered) in peanut butter. Brenda gets a much-needed boost to her morale.

Meanwhile, Reynold and Malcolm make a play for Sherri, saying if they get her and Erik, they’re a guaranteed final five. Those are definitely the two you want to target, they are on the outs and need the help.

That night, under the cover of darkness, Malcolm goes to look for his Idol. Andrea seems to see him sneak away, but it’s hard to tell. But then as the sun comes up, she and Cochran find him digging for the Idol. He tries to play it cool, but nobody is fooled.

Hilariously, Andrea just decides to wait it out. So Andrea and Malcolm just sit by this tree where the Idol is supposedly buried. Malcolm doesn’t want to dig with her around, but … hmm. I’d probably just go for it.

Immunity Challenge

They are holding a rope that is holding up a heavy log. At intervals, they drop to lower knots on the rope, making it harder to hold up. Cochran’s advantage is that at any point, he may move his hand up two knots. That … might not really help Cochran. Sorry, buddy. If he’s smart, though, he’ll use it early on, before he’s too exhausted for it to help him.

To make it more fair, everybody is holding 1/3 of the body weight they started the game with. At five minutes, they move to the first knot. They also can only use one hand to hold, except when they’re moving knots.

At 10 minutes, they move again. It is at this point when Cochran moves back up two knots. That’s a good idea, like we said. At the 25 minute-mark, they move down to the final knot and Brenda and Erik quickly drop.

At 30 minutes, they move down to where there are no knots. Does that mean Cochran gets to stay at his knot indefinitely? That’s a huge advantage. Sherri quickly drops, then Malcolm, then Andrea, then Dawn and Reynold. So it’s Eddie vs. Cochran. Huh. Considering the knot advantage, Cochran should probably have this in the bag.

And then he wins! Wow, that is surprising, frankly. Even with the advantage, we didn’t think Cochran would do it. Good for him. That’s terrific.

Pre Tribal

Cochran adorably crows about winning half the Individual Immunity challenges so far. You go, little buddy.

Meanwhile, Malcolm can’t find his Idol and he’s afraid to go digging for it. He should just take Eddie and Reynold and dig really fast. Why wouldn’t you at lesat try? Andrea has an idea of the general vicinity of the Idol, what if she goes to look for it and finds it?

Anyway, Malcolm works on Sherri, thinking if the other five split their votes because they’re worried about the Idol, their four votes (Malcolm, Eddie, Reynold and Sherri) should get somebody out — Sherri’s new muscle-head alliance is targeting Andrea.

But Reynold continues to work on Erik just in case, but Erik is pretty wishy-washy about what he’s doing.

Meanwhile, Cochran thinks they shouldn’t split their votes because Malcolm’s going to play the Idol anyway, so they should be safer. If one person flips, and they split, they’re screwed. Cochran’s got a good feel for what’s going on.

Sherri’s pretty excited about playing double agent, so let’s hope she doesn’t screw it up.

Tribal Council

There are not a lot of fireworks, but everybody on the Faves alliance is pretty sure Malcolm found the next Hidden Immunity Idol. Also, several of them are worried about someone from the Faves alliance has flipped. Should be interesting.

During the vote, we see Reynold vote Andrea, Dawn vote Reynold and Cochran vote Malcolm. The votes go Reynold, Malcolm, Andrea, Reynold, Malcolm, Andrea, Reynold, Andrea and … Malcolm. TIE!

On the revote, the three people who were voted for cannot vote. We don’t see any votes cast this time, but they’re all for Malcolm (except, presumably, Eddie — except, no, Eddie too). Man, Malcolm really wasted an opportunity by not digging up that Idol.

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: Can Reynold and Eddie make a move?

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