brandon hantz survivor meltdown interview 'Survivor: Caramoan's' Brandon Hantz: My meltdown was 'awesome'Brandon Hantz made “Survivor” history when his tribe forfeited the Immunity Challenge and then voted him out on the spot Wednesday (March 13). He tells Zap2it that what he did was awesome.

Walk us through what really went down — what was your main problem with Phillip?

“He was just really aggressive. He was very animated. To me, that’s disrespectful. When you talk to somebody, you don’t have to have your nose right in their face, you don’t have to use all the hand signals. Just the respect level. He had no respect for anybody out there.

He came out there like Boston Rob … to me, just bullying. Boston Rob did it in a classier way. He actually did it behind your back. At least do it behind my back, don’t be disrespectful to my face.

[Phillip] was trying to be somebody he’s not. He can’t be Boston Rob ’cause he’s not Boston Rob. Instead of playing as Phillip, he played as someone else. … With Phillip, it’s very easy to love him, but some parts of him are overwhelming. It’s very overwhelming.

For the first 10-11 days, I was respectful. I was team-oriented. I was the honey badger, they  named me the honey badger. I was motivating. It sucks that it all ended because Phillip said if I stayed on that island, he was gone. I didn’t have the alliance by my side and really I should have. As far as loyalty is concerned, I’m definitely, by far, more loyal than Phillip would’ve been. It’s unfortunate the way things happen.

But I enjoyed my edit. I enjoyed the way I was portrayed. I definitely pride myself on the way that I am. I’m very let it on your sleeve, let it all out, all or nothing, all in, all the time.”

Why take it out on the tribe, with the dumping the food on the ground?

“That was awesome. I’m just sayin’. I loved it. It felt great, very liberating. It’s like — OK, nobody’s gonna stand up for me, nobody’s gonna take up for me — consequences, boom, no food for nobody.

You answer this question — is it fair that you can take my chance for a million dollars away and give it to Phillip? Which is what they did. They were like, ‘Phillip or Brandon? Should we take the million dollars away from Phillip? Or should we take it away from Brandon and his family and his children?’ That’s what they did to me. So them going without rice for a couple days doesn’t both me at all.”

Was it hard to watch that on TV?

“It was awesome. Me and Russell and my dad and everybody, we enjoyed every bit of it. We were like, ‘Oh yes, that’s Hantz-style, baby.’ … Instead of crying, instead of showing weakness, I tried crying the last time to express my feelings and nobody liked that too much, I thought well, maybe I can be aggressive this time and people will respect that.

But you can’t win for losing. You’re not going to have everybody like you all the time. More people agree with what I did last night than what I did all season on ‘South Pacific’ and I was trying to be the best man I could be [then]. I’m not playing for anybody. This isn’t fake for me. I thought we were all supposed to be real people and express real feelings, but what’s real anymore?” 

Have you spoke with Phillip or any of your other tribe members since you left the show?

“I spoke with Andrea, I texted Cochran one or two times, spoke to Malcolm, spoke to Corinne, we’re all good. I don’t judge anyone. Everything that I say is ‘Survivor’-based. It’s not about the person’s life. That’s unfair, I don’t know them in their everyday life. And even if I did, I still wouldn’t make such a harsh judgment, like people were making against me.

I respect Phillip. I have no beef with Phillip. This happened a year ago and I was already over it 30 minutes after it happened. Forgive and forget. It is what it is.

I’d like to sit down and talk to Phillip about it. We made history together. I didn’t just make history. If he wasn’t there, it would not have been able to happen. It’s something to be proud of. We had the best episode that’s ever been on ‘Survivor,’ the most extraordinary. We’re truly TV, that’s for sure. He’s a great TV personality. Terrible ‘Survivor’ player, in my opinion, but I suck as well, so.”

“Survivor” airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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