survivor caramoan final 5 mothers day 'Survivor: Caramoan's' Final 5 wish their moms a happy Mother's DayWe have a special treat for you “Survivor” fans out there — the Final 5 have some special messages for their moms, as the “Caramoan” finale airs on Mother’s Day this year.

Erik: “I’d like to say a big happy Mother’s Day to my mother. Playing ‘Survivor’ twice has made her so proud of me and all she wants to do now is talk strategy and hear stories about the experience. She also doesn’t trust any of the girls I hang out with and thinks they’re manipulating me.”

Dawn: “First of all, from the time I was small, my mom taught me that I could do ANYTHING I set my mind to. Her confidence gave me the belief I needed to audition for game (and lots of other important things in my life). I’m so grateful for that life lesson. My mom rocks!

As for my kids/my role as a mom … ‘Survivor’ has changed absolutely everything about our family. We have learned so much about challenging yourself, pushing through HARD times/HARD obstacles, and doing your best to give 100% in all things. I am so thankful for the experience of playing such a difficult game because it’s taught our whole family that we can face challenges. And that most importantly, we’ve learned that you grow when you face challenges. And that’s a pretty incredible gift.

I love my family and am thankful they gave me the support, this gift, of playing Survivor (twice). They’re pretty incredible people.”

Cochran: “I want to thank my mother for 26 years of unconditional love and support. You’ve always been in my corner, cheering me on (and putting up with me), even when I’ve wanted to go off and starve myself on an island — twice!  I’m more grateful than I can express in words.

‘Survivor fanaticism runs in my family. My mother has never missed an episode — even when I’ve been away at school, we’ve always made sure to call each other after every episode to debrief and compare notes. To actually physically share my ‘Survivor’ experience with my mother, after watching it together for 13 years, was really powerful and moving for both of us, and certainly strengthened our bond.”

Sherri: “While my mother has passed, I would love to tell her how
much of an inspiration she has been to me and that it is because of her
drive that I have taken the chances in life including applying for
‘Survivor.’ To my children, I would say how proud I am of them and that
life is truly a beautiful thing when you go for it and don’t let anyone
or anything hold you back.  There are so many distractions in the world
and things that can take up our time if we allow them, and being away
from my children for 39 days only served to strengthen how important
family really is and how much more time I will be spending with them
going forward.”

Eddie: “I would like to say to mother that I love her very much and that she is the most important person in the world to me. My mother’s happiness literally runs parallel with mine. We are best friends. Maybe one day (no time soon) I’ll find someone to settle down so she can have a daughter-in-law to pal around with. It’s tough living in a house with all boys, LOL. This experience has absolutely brought us closer together and we’ve shared every week since watching every Wednesday!”

The “Survivor” finale airs Sunday, May 12 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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