amanda kimmel survivor 'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains': Amanda Kimmel's first torch snuffing“Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains” sees the Villains get a bigger advantage by handing Amanda Kimmel her first ever vote-out.

Candice is totally laughing about getting played, but Rupert and Colby are being sulky punks. Russell is mad he didn’t know Parvati had an Idol. She tries to wiggle and giggle and call it a surprise, but he’s having none of it. She secretly is pretty pleased that he feels threatened and not in control. Meanwhile, Amanda and Rupert know they have to go after Sandra in order to regain their numbers.

Russell, in his vindictiveness against Danielle and Parvati, goes after Candice as the person to flip to the Villains because he doesn’t trust Sandra to be loyal. He says she’ll become very crucial at Top 6. She seems pretty receptive, which might be a good move for her.

Reward Challenge
They are competing in shuffleboard in three teams of three, playing for a trip to Robert Louis Stevenson’s home, a screening of “Treasure Island” and a real bed to sleep in. That’s pretty cool. Is it the “Muppets Treasure Island?” I would hope for that one.

The teams are Jerri/Candice/Parvati, Russell/Sandra/Rupert and Colby/Amanda/Danielle. Russell gets closest, then Rupert bounces off his and gets their team even closer. Danielle knocks the Rupert’s out of the way, but Russell’s is still closest. It comes down to Colby’s shot and he banks his chip right into the X, so he, Amanda and Danielle win the reward.

The reward home/museum has three first editions of “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” “Kidnapped” and “Treasure Island.” Amanda wants to find a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol and nobody seems to care that much about the books. Sorry, I know you’re tired and starving, but like … that’s COOL! Appreciate it, you buffoons.

The movie turns out to be the original “Treasure Island” with Lionel Barrymore, which is too bad. It really should be the Muppets version. Meanwhile, Amanda is obsessed with the clue, but Danielle finds it in the popcorn bowl and slips it under the bed, until Amanda steals it. Danielle appeals to Colby as the referee, which is so weak (“Dad! She stole my Hidden Immunity Idol clue! Make her give it back!”) and he agrees that it belongs to Danielle and then Amanda hands it over.

I’m so disappointed there was no actual fight for it. Because if I were Danielle, I would’ve beat her down to get that clue back. That’s totally shady to steal it. Meanwhile, Amanda is too much of a wuss not to just hand it back over. I never liked Amanda and I still don’t.

Danielle shows the clue to Jerri, Parvati and Russell after regaling them with the story of how Amanda stole it, except she says she “wrestled Amanda to the ground” for it. Uh, not quite, Boob Job. Anyway, the clue is about the stream and Russell finds it immediately, holy crap. He waits til Danielle is not looking and stuffs it in his pants. He is unbelievable. Unbelievable.
He uses the Idol as a way to show Candice that he trusts her. Man, I would love those two to pair up as sneaky double agents! Take on Parvati and Danielle in the Final Four. That would be awesome. Meanwhile, Sandra is jumping ship to the Heroes by making a deal with Colby. They are assuming Danielle has the Hidden Immunity Idol and their plan is make them think it’s Danielle and then actually vote out either Russell or Parvati. So Sandra runs back to Russell and pretends she’s with them, but Russell spills that he’s got a Hero flipped and you can tell Sandra is like pooping her pants because if she flips but they dont’ have the numbers, she’s sunk.

So she runs back to Rupert and says that Russell says a Hero flipped so it has to be Russell tonight. Rupert thinks it’s perfect, he’s convinced that’s five votes for Russell, who he says “is a piece of garbage.” Oh, that’s nice, Noble Rupert.

Immunity Challenge

Each Idol has 150 tiles to build a tower 10 feet tall. Nice. I would love doing this challenge. Not saying I would win, but it would be fun. There are a lot of different techniques. Russell is doing a really wide base, Jerri is just relying on balance. They are neck and neck at 9.5 feet when Russell runs out of tiles and has to go down and get some more, meanwhile Jerri’s tower is shaking … but she pulls it off. Wow. That was impressive, way to go lady.

Russell is gunning for Amanda, calling her a female Boston Rob. Uh, not quite, Russell, but I’m on board with you voting her out, so whatever. Candice seems to feel like her only choice is voting with the Villains, but the Heroes discuss voting for Russell, which Candice promptly tells Russell.

Russell then confronts Sandra about it and lays it out that they better write Amanda’s name down. So Sandra goes back to Rupert and then they have to make sure Candice is with them. Man, if Candice had just told Russell and Russell had kept his damn mouth shut and trusted that he, Candice, Jerri, Parvati and Danielle could get it done. Dummy.

So now the Heroes are voting for Parvati because she’s not on anybody’s radar. This is making my head hurt. Sandra appeals to Candice to vote out Parvati, but Candice wants to get Amanda out. Man, they are both so desperate. It’s not YOUR name, so what do you really care that much?

Tribal Council
Jeff asks the tribe about who is vulnerable to flip and Rupert astutely says that any Villain who flips is still going to feel like they are fifth place, so what good is it to flip? Totally. Russell comes right out and says that Sandra is “just there” in the Villains tribe. Ouch. The Heroes then talk about how they are sure Danielle has the Idol and Jeff points out that that makes Parvati vulnerable.

During the vote we see Russell vote for Amanda and Amanda vote for Parvati. We also see Courtney demanding we pay attention to her over on the Jury. Russell plays his Hidden Immunity Idol for himself. The votes go Amanda, Amanda, Parvati, Parvati, (Russell goes “damn it”), Amanda, Amanda, Parvati and Amanda.

Interesting. Parvati rolls her eyes at Russell, telling him he “wasted one.” Uh, if he felt vulnerable what was he supposed to do, Parv? Everybody can’t have producers whispering in their ears have psychic powers like you.

We learn the votes for Amanda were Sandra, Russell, Danielle, Jerri, Parvati and Candice. Wow, I thought for sure it would only be five votes, not six. So why did Candice and Sandra go along with it? 

Next week: Do the Villains totally lose it?

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