candice danielle survivor 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains': Candice and Danielle go in double elimination“Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains” sees two Survivors bite the dust when Candice Woodcock and Danielle DiLorenzo are voted out in two Tribal Councils.

The Villains are now suspicious of Candice because anyone who would flip on her own tribe that quickly is a threat. I’m not sure I’d jump to that conclusion just yet. Sure, vote her out soon, but not before Colby and Rupert. The Heroes don’t like her because she voted out Amanda, so Candice has a hard road ahead of her.

Rupert calls Russell worse than Johnny Fairplay. Really? Really? Russell is deceitful in the game but c’mon. I can’t stand people who act like swearing on their kids/mothers/spouses lives are some kind of heathens when they go back on their word. I hate the self-righteous people who treat it like it’s not a GAME. It’s a game whose description is “outwit, outplay, outlast.” Deceit is part of it, it makes it fun and people who take the game so seriously like Rupert are annoying. I find Russell to be an incredibly snake-y “Survivor” player but that is how these things go and the self-righteous, sanctimonious attitude is 100x worst to me.

Immunity Challenge
Each person is on a wooden perch with their arm chained to a wooden bucket. If their arm drops, they are out. Jeff is offering temptations along the way and there is a twist at the end. After one minute, Sandra and Russell both want the first temptation without even seeing it, so they step down. WOW. That is weak sauce, Sandra and Russell. They get to share cookies and milk, which is nice and all, but after ONE MINUTE? Are you kidding me?

Colby drops next for donuts and a milkshake. Candice asks Danielle if Parvati will hang on because somebody has to beat Rupert. When Jeff offers up PB&J, Danielle, Candice and Jerri all step down. So it’s Parvati vs. Rupert. Wow. Everybody sucks. They totally abandoned Parvati in this challenge and now she’s their only hope. I think I may have just thrown myself behind Team Parvati and screw everybody else.

Then Rupert slips and Parvati wins. Rupert is kinda whiny, saying he could’ve “gone hours” and now he’s going home tonight. Oh, cry me a river, Rupert. At the end of the challenge, Jeff reads a new clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol to the whole group.

Back at camp, the search is on for the Idol. Sandra find sit and gets too nervous so she hides it again in another bush. Rupert decides to pretend like he has the Idol, so he sticks a big rock in his pocket. Russell falls for it 100% and tells Sandra they need to split the vote.

Danielle and Parvati want to split between Rupert and Colby, but Jerri wants to blindside Candice because she’s not trustworthy. So Colby and Rupert realize their only shot is voting for Candice. It could still send Colby home but it’s their only shot.

Tribal Council
Candice gets raked over the coals by Rupert, Colby and kind of Jeff for voting for Amanda, but Russell sticks up for her, saying that it could’ve been a huge move for her. During the vote we only see Candice vote for Rupert and Colby vote for Candice, with a smarmy little, “I can honestly say I’m proud of the way I played this game … can you?” Oh, spare me, Colby. Seriously, get bent. This is a game, let’s all have a little sense of humor about it.

The votes go Rupert, Rupert, Rupert, Candice, Candice, Candice, Candice and Candice. Rupert and Colby are pretty excited that their plan actually worked, while Jeff sagely says that it’s a risky move when you betray trust in order to gain trust. Oh, Jeff Probst. You need to market a Probstism a Day calendar.

Post-Tribal 2
Russell is mad that the votes didn’t split between Rupert and Colby. He hates that they got fixated on Candice and is worried Colby will start winning. That’s a legit concern, Colby’s a baller when he wants to be.

Immunity Challenge 2
The challenge is a course. The first leg is is a race for a peg that goes through a table maze. The first five move on to a climbing wall. The first three move on to the final round that is a slide puzzle. Colby and Jerri don’t make it out of round one. The climbing wall fells Sandra and Danielle; Russell makes it up the wall like a little monkey. Wow. In the final round, Russell gets his slide puzzle first and wins.

Post-Challenge 2
The Villain girls want Rupert gone, but Russell knows he needs to split up Danielle and Parvati, so he starts working on Danielle to get rid of Parvati. Danielle is hesitant. Russell then goes to Parvati and says Danielle wants to vote Parvati off at Top 5 or 6. Hmmm. Sneaky.

But the girls are not falling for it because they aren’t stupid and realize that Russell is playing them. But Russell goes to Colby and Rupert and gets them on board with voting for Danielle. He tries to get Jerri, but it doesn’t seem like she buys it.

Tribal Council
Jeff wants to know who is in charge and nobody really knows. Parvati and Danielle then totally spill the beans about Russell’s shenanigans and he flounders around trying to defend himself. Yeah, you got caught with your hand in the cookie jar, Russel. Just admit it. Danielle then starts crying. Oh dear. There’s no crying in “Survivor,” Danielle! Suck it up, basketcase.

In her fit of emotions, Danielle admits that she is closer to Parvati than Russell thinks. Russell reacts, Parvati reacts and Jeff reacts. It’s hilarious. Oh, Danielle. You are in trouble if you survivor tonight’s vote, Danielle.

During the vote, we see Parvati vote for Rupert and Russell vote for Danielle. The votes go Rupert, Rupert, Rupert, Danielle, Danielle, Danielle and …. DANIELLE. WOW. Jerri went with Rupert, Colby and Russell. Oh, Jerri. That might have been a HUGE MOVE for her, if she can get those boys to align with her and pick off Parvati and Sandra. Interesting.

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