sandra diaz twine survivor finale 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains' finale: Sandra Diaz Twine is the ultimate survivor, againSandra Diaz-Twine, winner of “Survivor: Pearl Islands,” takes home the million dollars once again after winning “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.”

She defeated Parvati Shallow and Russell Hantz in the final three and won by at least a vote of 5 to 3 (one vote was left unrevealed). Interestingly, Sandra has never been voted out of the game, because she’s played twice and won twice, but she has also never won a single challenge.

The votes that went Sandra’s way were Candice, Courtney and Rupert, plus two or three others out of Colby, Amanda and JT, who we didn’t see vote. Parvati got votes from Jerri, Danielle and Coach, that we saw.

When Candice voted for Sandra, she said that the lines between heroes and villains were blurred but that Sandra “worked hard, put family first and stayed true to herself, which [made her] a true hero.” Courtney quietly whispered “Fist bump, girl” when she cast her vote for Sandra and Rupert very nicely said, “I’m honored that I get to write your name down again and give you a million dollars. Love you.”

Jeff Probst asks her if she, as the only two-time winner, is the best “Survivor” player ever and she does say that she’s “the queen.” In a nice dig at Russell, Sandra then says, “I make it to the end and I win. You can’t beat that.”

Meanwhile, Russell didn’t get any votes and once again, he is mad about not winning. Not even playing-around mad, but MAD. He comments, “If [Sandra] can win twice, there is a flaw in the game. What needs to happen is America needs to have a percentage of the votes.” He then rails and rants and raves for the next little while about how good of a player he is.

We learn Sandra’s husband is in the studio, on a two-week leave from serving in Afghanistan so that he can take part in Sandra’s celebration, which is great for her. We also find out that Parvati has now played “Survivor” 114 days and tied for second place in individual challenge wins.

Jeff also gives out a trophy for the Dumbest Move in “Survivor” History. The nominees are Colby taking Tina to the finals, James getting voted out with two Idols in his pocket, Erik giving Immunity to Natalie from past seasons and from this season, Tyson switching his vote and getting voted out and JT giving Russell the Idol. JT wins, which is a pretty good choice, though we would award it to Erik.

So did the right player win? Were you surprised it was Sandra and not Parvati? Or that Russell didn’t receive any votes?

Check out our exit Q&A with Sandra here.

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