jimmy johnson 320 survivor 'Survivor: Nicaragua's' Jimmy Johnson: 'Bigger fan of the show than I've ever been'“Survivor: Nicaragua” snuffed the torch of celebrity contestant Jimmy Johnson Wednesday night (Sept. 29). He talks to us about his strategy (or lack thereof) on the show.

“I was hoping that [being famous] would work to my favor because I tried to convince everybody that I wasn’t going to win a million dollars and I wasn’t a threat,” says Johnson. “Evidently I miscalculated because Marty still felt like I was a threat and needed to get me out of there.”

“Had I known that they felt like I was a threat, I would’ve at least tried to form an alliance,” he continues. “I think I could’ve formed an alliance with the women, with Jane and Yve and Holly and possibly Tyrone and probably gotten Daniel out of there.”

But despite being voted out third, Johnson is still incredibly glad he participated in the show.

“I’m probably a bigger fan of the show than I’ve ever been. I loved the show, but now that I know how really difficult it is … It was so much more difficult than I ever thought it was going to be, but I accomplished what I set out to do and that was have a great adventure.”

He also says that if he did get to the finals, his strategy would’ve been to impress upon the jury that he wanted to give the money to charity.

“If I ever got to the final three, I was going to give the money to charity. I was going to give it to Make A Wish Foundation, Cystic Fibrosis, a charity that Terry Bradshaw has Pigs for Jesus,” Johnson explains. “I’d already talked about the charities I wanted to give the money to, but that wasn’t the ultimate goal. My goal was to have an adventure and I did that.”

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