artis silvester survivor 'Survivor: Philippines' castoff Artis Silvester slams Skupin: 'Mike was just a waste of time'Artis Silvester, the 10th person voted out of “Survivor: Philippines,” is not a fan of Michael Skupin.

“Mike was just a waste of time,” he told Zap2it today (Nov. 15) about the returning player, who was medically evacuated in Season 2 after faceplanting in a fire.

“The one thing he has going for him is everybody seems to love him,” Artis offers. “Why, I have no idea. Let’s just say from a personal standpoint he and I will never see eye to eye.”

His Tandang tribemate didn’t contribute much at camp, either, says Artis. “I don’t know what world he came from where he said he was this athlete. As a returning player he was horrible. I would’ve switched him for anybody else in a heartbeat.”

As for his other tribemates, Artis says Pete is “just a frat boy doing frat boy stuff.”

Abi, on the other hand … Man. I sure hope that she was playing the game and just created that character and that’s not who she is. That was a horrible character to create.”

Artis does like Lisa though — just not her bold strategy. “I didn’t appreciate some of the things she did,” he told us. “Some people gotta realize the biggest move in the game is no move. They want to feel like they’re playing the game, like they’re contributing, they want to get on TV.”

Like his younger tribemates, Artis never saw “The Facts of Life”: “I grew up in the streets of D.C.,” he told us. “I didn’t have time to watch TV back then, I was trying to make it home alive.”

But he did recognize Jeff Kent. Although he was “blown away” that nobody else besides Dawson identified the baseball star, he never blew his cover. “He’s not on my tribe, so I don’t have to say nothing,” he said. “At no point in time did it become [advantageous] for me to say who he was, so I didn’t.”

Aside from not winning a million bucks, Artis’ only regret is that the audience didn’t see how much fun he was having. “I had a total blast being out there.”

“I was not the angry black man that it looks like is being shown … If they wanted an angry black man, they should’ve let me go on. I would’ve gave them one for the record books.”

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