jeff probst survivor nicaragua 320 'Survivor' recap: Everybody's Crazy!“Survivor”: So it turns out that not only is almost everyone on Espada crazy, but everyone on La Flor is, too! Hooray! Over at the old people tribe, Holly decides that the tribe’s snail dinner is poisonous, and so she grabs the bucket of food and throws it away, thus royally pissing everyone off. She overhears Dan the Mafia Guy calling her crazy and decides the best course of action would be to steal his $1600 shoes, fill them with sand and put them in the water. Then she starts to feel bad about what she did, so, being remorseful and insane, she admits what she did to Dan (while stroking his knees) and apologizes sincerely. Look for him to retaliate by giving her a pair of cement shoes.

Meanwhile, things aren’t much better at La Flor, as Naonka loses a sock and decides that someone must have stolen it, so she just steals a pair from Jud (who the opening credits are now calling Fabio, which is amazing). When he dares to look at her, she gets way too defensive about it and is so unpleasant that Jud just lets her have the socks. Also, Naonka really, really hates Kelly B. for no other fact than that she’s missing a leg. Charming!

Espada smartly decide to use the decent advantage the Medallion of Power gives them at the Reward/Immunity challenge and win it, while La Flor sits out Naonka, who thinks Kelly B. will show how bad at physical challenges she is and thus should be voted off. Kelly B. does very well in the challenge because, again, she’s a freaking triathlete. Back at camp, Espada find an immunity idol clue in their fishing gear reward and are able to decipher it, thanks to one of the picture clues being of a “yardarm” and Jimmy T. being a fisherman who knows his boats. It is only Jill, though, who figures out the final clue (despite suffering from the imagined effects of snail poisoning, even!), which she then tells Marty, thus letting him find the idol and seemingly locking herself in an alliance with one of the few non-insane people on her tribe.

At La Flor, alliances are being set up for the vote. Shannon, Jud, Benry, Alina, Kelly B. and Chase are on one side, while Sash’s all-minority alliance with Naonka and Brenda (which, really, might not be such a good idea, seeing as how the minorities are in the minority on the tribe) as well as Purple Kelly are on the other. Shannon seems to be all set, but then he decides his alliance should vote for Brenda, even knowing that Chase likes her. Chase struggles to choose between his alliances, and Alina overhears him discussing their alliance’s plan to vote Brenda out — with Brenda. She then tells Shannon about this, and so, at Tribal Council, Shannon decides to lay all of his cards out on the table. Unfortunately for him, those cards all say he’s insane and a giant **hole, as he calls out Chase for being a liar and then says Sash is gay and New York is full of gay people. Jud tries to get Shannon to chill out and stop shooting himself and his alliance in the foot, but Shannon doesn’t listen to him. And so, what was probably going to be a 5-5 tie between Shannon and Brenda becomes a 7-3 vote against him.

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