jeff probst survivor nicaragua 320 'Survivor' recap: Three Legs GoneAnother week, another player threatening to quit “Survivor: Nicaragua.”

This time, it’s Dan. He doesn’t quit, which is too bad for Yve, because she’s next in line to go and it’s a double elimination night. Awesomely, Jill and Holly end up winning immunity, then face off against each other for a reward feast to be eaten in front of the other tribe at that night’s Tribal Council.

Jill just edges Holly out for the victory, and now Brenda has to figure out who to get rid of, since Jill has immunity and Marty will almost definitely play his idol.

You’d think they’d go for Jane, but it turns out that Brenda likes and trusts her more than she does Kelly B., and assigns her minions to split their votes, 3 and 3 for her and Marty. At Tribal, despite all signs pointing to his ouster, Marty does not play the idol, and it ends up in a tie between him and Kelly B. On the re-vote, everyone votes for Kelly B. (except Kelly B.), and she is gone. Meanwhile, it’s down to Dan or Yve at Espada. In trying to defend her usefulness to the young people, Yve basically gives them every reason to get rid of her, and out she goes.

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