boston rob matt survivor 'Survivor: Redemption Island': Boston Rob dislikes good sportsmanshipOn the second episode of “Survivor: Redemption Island,” Boston Rob switches tactics to take out a tribemate who is being a good sport. Hmph.


After her ouster, Francesca staggers off into the night to Redemption Island, where she finds her instructions about getting the basic provisions and then she settles down for the night. Meanwhile, Ome comes back from Tribal and Phillip takes Rob aside to say somethings from his heart. He also tells Rob that Rob “owns [his] vote.” Yikes. Rob and his little cult of followers agree that Phillip is next to go.

The next morning, Phillip goes crab hunting with a spear. The other tribemates watch him and do a little “Crocodile Hunter” narration. It’s pretty funny, but it also just makes me feel bad for Phillip. Of course, then he starts crying in a talking-head about wearing his country’s uniform and serving and earning the right to be called trustworthy and I don’t feel so bad anymore. He then has his very own “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and doggone it, people like me” moment.

Later Fabio 2.0 (Matt) and Andrea seem to be having a budding friendship/romance, which does not escape Rob’s notice. He approaches Natalie about it and she agrees that they are dangerous. He thinks Nat is the one to pair up with and suggests that if it’s not Phillip, Andrea should be the next one out.


Russell wants to shore up his “dumb girl alliance” by getting Krista to go with him and Stephanie. They start looking for the Hidden Immunity Idol without any clues, but guess who finds it while picking up rocks? Ralph the Hillbilly, whom Russell thinks is super dumb. Oh, that is precious.


Zap can’t believe Ome voted out Francesca, who was a strong member. Yeah, no kidding. The challenge is five tribe members swimming through a pool, jumping off a ledge, smashing a tile and retrieving a key. One member uses the five keys to open a box with a ball inside. The last two tribe members use the ball to break five tiles. First tribe to do it wins Immunity plus fishing gear. Zap sits out David.

Ome gets off to a lead in the swimming portion (despite Andrea’s total bellyflop, yeouch), but Zap catches up with the key portion (there are five keys but only three locks). Going into the ball portion, Zap pulls slightly ahead.

Ralph and Phillip are facing off in the ball throwing, with Ralph ahead 3-1 fairly quickly. Phillip manages to come back and make it 4-4, but Ralph pulls it out. After the challenge, Fabio 2.0 shakes the other team’s hands, which I have no problem with. Rob calls it “despicable,” which is a little gross. I’m all about being competitive and if you don’t want to shake the other team’s hands, you don’t have to. But let’s not act like Fabio 2.0 was beating a puppy to death with a shovel, hm? Good sportsmanship is called good for a reason.


Russell sees a clue in the flippers in the fishing gear and snatches it up, but Ralph the hillbilly sees him get that dad-gum clue and he tells everybody, while Russell, Krista and Stephanie are off together reading the clue.

Sarita and Mike talk about it Russell having a clue. I really hope they align, they seem smart and remind me of Hunter and Gina from many moons ago. At the water well, Ralph, Mike and David confront Russell about the clue and Russell acts all cagey, which … he might as well say he has it because now they know he does.  

Redemption Island

Francesca gets her luxury item, which is a journal. She journals. That’s pretty much it.


Phillip rounds everyone up for another proclamation where he praises their performance and says he wishes he could’ve performed in his moment as well as they did. Phillip has gone from being a crazy lunatic to just making me sad. Phillip needs a friend. *frowny face*

Rob, Ashley and Grant talk about voting for Fabio 2.0 … mainly because he shook the other team’s hands. Ugh, that’s weak. He’s stronger than Phillip! Keep him around! Don’t be stupid. Also, don’t act like good sportsmanship is some kind of horrible crime. It makes you look like a jerk, Rob.

Rob and his cronies tell the alliance that girls are voting Kristina, guys are voting Phillip. But in reality, everybody’s voting for Fabio 2.0 and they’re still hoping to flush Kristina’s Idol.

Phillip asks Rob to tell him how to vote, so Rob takes him off and assures him that he’ll be fine. Oh, Rob. Don’t let Phillip in on anything, did you learn nothing from the first Tribal? Rob has the good sense not to actually tell Phil the name of the person, he just says he’ll put his hand on the shoulder of who Phillip should vote for and tells him not to flip his crap at Tribal. Meanwhile, Fabio 2.0 is marveling at Rob’s ability to take people in and fulfill their needs and whatnot. Oh, honey.

Tribal Council

Phillip has some “USA! USA!” word salad, but he continues to act like he’s the one going home, so at least he can keep up what Rob told him to do. But Rob never seems to indicate who Phillip should vote for (unless I missed it). UPDATE: Rob put his hand on Kristina’s shoulder, I did miss it. Sorry, no DVR tonight. Phillip votes for Kristina, who plays the HII before the votes are read.

The votes go Kristina, Kristina, Phillip, Phillip, Matt, Matt, Matt and Matt. Andrea looks like she’s going to cry, while Matt just looks dumbfounded. His parting shot is “Good work, guys. Goodness.” He seems like a really good guy, that stinks.

Next week: We finally get some Redemption Island action!

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