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So what is the aftermath of Phillip’s race card shenanigans? Steve offers Phillip an olive branch handshake and Phillip agrees, but privately Phillip thinks it wasn’t totally “genuous.” He doesn’t like that Steve has mocked him a couple times. Well, not saying things like “genuous” would be a good start. In the morning, Phillip has another Wayne Campbell Indian vision and thinks his grandfather is going to help him find the trunks Julie buried. He finds them, but I blame production ’cause nobody wants to see him walk around in those droopy drawers.

He then screws up the”You can’t handle the truth” quote from “A Few Good Men” and calls himself an “undercover specialist.” And he can’t wait to show off his shorts to Julie at the duel. Like she gives a rat’s patootie.

Redemption Island

Matt is suffering. He’s been so lonely and downtrodden and Mike and Julie think he’s not long for the game. He starts crying and the God music kicks up. I’m not making fun of Matt’s faith, but the music editing is hilarious.

At the duel, Julie is all smiles. She seems like a great lady. The challenge is individual shuffleboard, gotta get three pucks in the endzone to win. Last person to do it (or not do it, as the case may be) is out. Mike is on fire, getting two pucks in the endzone very quickly, but Matt ties it up and pulls ahead for the first win, then Mike gets the next one. Julie is all smiles as she leaves (natch), even when talking about her house being foreclosed on. Again – neat lady.


Andrea is feeling super guilty for playing Matt, she also thinks he gave her a dirty look while at the duel and thinks he won’t talk to her again if he comes back. She voices this guilt to Rob and then of course he and Grant decide first chance they get, Andrea is gone. Man, this just isn’t even fun anymore. Wake up, people! Rob is a mastermind and he is working you like … something dirty I can’t print on a family site.


It’s a good old fashioned lumberjack log rolling duel challenge for immunity plus a reward of cake and milk. Mmmm, cake. Grant and Rob are first, Grant wins. Then Ashley vs. Andrea, Ashley wins. Then Steve and Ralph, Ralph wins. Finally Natalie vs. Phillip, Phillip wins.

Second round is Grant/Ashley and Ralph/Phillip, with Grant and Ralph advancing to the finals. Grant wins, which is not a shock. He’s like … a specimen of manliness. To his credit, Ralph had him on the ropes at one point, but he recovered and won.

Grant gets to share the cake with two people, so he chooses Rob and Andrea. Huh. Then Jeff hands out a package for Tribal Council. Grant says he chose Andrea so that she feels comfortable in their alliance and doesn’t see it coming if they vote her out. Sneaky.


Steve is getting pretty weak and is ready to be done, but to Rob, that means Ralph is the bigger threat. But the Omers realize if the twist is two people go, Andrea is next after Ralph.

Steve and ralph tell the girls that their votes are going to Rob, so if the girls want to make a big move, now’s their chance. The girls … instead of CONSIDERING IT and SingTFU, go and tell Rob about it right away.

This is just laughable.

Tribal Council

They blah blah some talk about Ralph vs. Steve, but really – who cares at this point? Even with the twist, I don’t see anybody else going home other than those two, so there’s no suspense.

The votes go Rob, Rob, Ralph, Ralph, Ralph, Ralph and Ralph. Then the twist is revealed to be a stack of cards. The top one reads, “You will now compete in your next Immunity Challenge and immediately vote out one tribe member.”

The challenge is a memory game, which Boston Rob wins. Shocker. Andrea is not voted out, like they talked about. Steve is voted out and now there are four people at Redemption Island? Weird.

This season started off with a lot of promise, but it’s really gotten kinda boring. I hope when the Omers have to turn on each other, it goes back to being interesting again.

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