survivor-season-28-B.jpgThe “Survivor” reunion special was heavy on the filler, which is par for the course, but there were a few highlights.

First off, Jeff Probst takes Colton Cumbie to task for joking about being on the AARP tribe and yet the AARP members “kicked his a**” and why did he quit? Colton says that he freaked out because there was no one there to take care of him and what he figured out is that he needs to take care of himself. Hey, that’s a good lesson to learn, so good for Colton.

Next, we find out that Season 26 winner John Cochran got a job writing for Greg Garcia on “The Millers” on CBS, which is delightful. Way to go, Cochran. We prefer “Mom” and “The Crazy Ones,” but it’s still lovely that that happened to him.

There’s a segment done with Katie and Tina, who just had a family tragedy when Tina’s son and Katie’s brother Taylor was killed in a car accident. Tina and Katie say they are so blessed to be there sharing the love with their “Survivor” family in the wake of their loss.

Finally, they tease Season 28 (can you believe there have been 27 seasons? That’s roughly 400 hours of our lives, guys. Wow.). But anyway, they rolled a teaser of Season 28, which is going to be … Brawn. vs. Brain vs. Beauty. Interesting. Who do you think comes back?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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