stacey survivor south pacific 'Survivor: South Pacific': Weight a minute ...“Survivor: South Pacific” sees another strong woman voted out and sent to Redemption Island. What else is new?

Post-Tribal at Savaii

Ozzy and Elyse are getting cuddly, which Jim and Cochran are not excited about. Cochran doesn’t really trust Jim and his suspiciously white teeth, but he’s on board with working together to get Elyse out because it keeps him safe.

Upolu Tribe

Brandon apologizes to Mikayla and she accepts his apology, but she’s still very wary of him – she should be. But don’t point who his uncle is. That’s so ridiculous. Don’t buy into “Survivor’s” silly schtick with that. My uncle could be a murderer – doesn’t make me a murderer.

Brandon then runs to Edna, saying right out loud this is dumb game strategy, and he tells Edna that she’s not part of the core five. Oh. My. God. Shut your mouth, dude! Coach is going to kill you.

Redemption Island

Bizarrely, each tribe gets a basket full of swimwear. Is it just because Dawn was uncomfortable swimming in her underwear? I mean, it’s great if they respected her feelings and provided her something, but it’s weird and unprecedented.

Jim and Cochran go to RI from Savaii and Brandon and Edna go from Upolu. Brandon apologizes to Christine and wishes her luck, saying he’s turned over a new leaf. Anyway, the duo is tossing sand bags to crates. First to get one bag on each of 10 crates wins.

Christine takes an early lead, Papa Bear catches up, but Christine pulls it out. So she’s still fighting on RI. It was a very exciting duel and Papa Bear kisses and hugs Christine, then shakes Jeff’s hand on the way out. He’s so great.

Upolu Tribe

Edna is working on her social game – by completely annoying the crap out of the other women, it would seem. Stacey and Mikayla are not enjoying the yammering and her grating laugh.

Savaii Tribe

COchran does the math and realizes that his vote and Jim’s vote are not enough to get rid of Elyse. He didn’t go to Harvard for nothin’, folks. So Cochran starts working on Dawn, who is totally on board. COchran is self-admittedly gunning for the “pretty people” and also really excited to be a part of a “big move.” I’d make fun of his fan-wanking, but if I were on “Survivor,” I’d probably be the same way, so …

Immunity Challenge

It’s a weight-added-to-pole individual challenge. Last person standing wins for their tribe. The reward is chickens. Two men and one woman from each tribe compete. Savaii picks Keith, Dawn and Jim; Upolu picks Brandon, Stacey and Albert. I’m really surprised Coach and Ozzy are sitting out. My money’s on Albert and Dawn, just throwing that out there before they start.

The tribes spread the weight out at first. Keith drops at 180 lbs. The “Survivor” record is 220 lbs, held by Rupert, J.T. and Brandon. Albert drops at 180 lbs. Brandon and Jim both set new “Survivor” records at 240 lbs. Both are struggling, but they hold on. Wow. Jim drops first and then Brandon digs deep, but drops.

So it’s Stacey vs. Dawn, each at 140 lbs when Stacey drops. She had an interesting strategy of resting the pole on her butt and she looked cool as a cucumber. I thought Dawn was going to drop, but she pulled it out. Good for you, old “Rudy” on the tribe! So proud of her.

Dawn for new favorite player!


Coach tries to cheer everybody up, complimenting the people who competed. Edna looks worried – she should. She’s weaker than the other girls plus she’s apparently annoying the crap out of everybody.

Stacey is worried about where she stands and COach tells her straight-up it’s either her or Edna going home. Stacey rightly points out – what does Edna bring to the table? Also, how do you send Stacey home after what she just did in the challenge?!

Stacey tells Brandon that Sophie/Albert/Mikayla have something going on, so Brandon runs to Coach about it. Coach chastises him for freaking out about something that a person “on death row” tells him. Meanwhile, Sophie is worried about how unstable Brandon is.

They try to make it look like Brandon is in danger, but I don’t think he is. They would not be so stupid as to send him home when they still need to win tribal challenges.

Tribal Council

Coach praises Stacey’s “warrior spirit,” but Jeff calls everybody out on “keeping the tribe strong” because Stacey is clearly in danger of going home. Jeff then starts asking people about the most annoying things about each other. Ron Swanson says Albert snores. Brandon says Edna talks too much. It’s like a weird company retreat thing. What gives, Probst? This is kind of a weak tribal.

When Mikayla says the most annoying thing about Brandon is who his uncle is, Jeff points out that that really doesn’t matter and she goes, “Still. Blood’s blood.” And Mikayla is a moron, apparently. That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. What does that even mean?

Brandon defends himself and his uncle and he starts crying talking about how bad his uncle was, which – his uncle was shady in the game. He’s not a child kidnapper or something! This is just silly. Sillypants tribal, all the way around.

We don’t see any votes as they are cast. I have to say – I think anybody going home other than Edna is just ridiculous at this point. The votes go Edna, Stacey, Stacey, Stacey, Stacey and Stacey. Wow. That is such B.S. She just almost won the challenge for you and you send her home? What did Edna ever do?! I hope Stacey comes back and turns on their butts. That’s what I would do.

Unfortunately, it can’t be both Christine and Stacey who come back. I like them both.

Next week
: A disgusting eating challenge. Awesome.

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