benjamin coach wade 320 'Survivor' villain Benjamin 'Coach' Wade: Jerri Manthey 'is an awesome woman'The Dragon Slayer was slain on “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.” Find out what he has to say about Rob, Russell and his relationship with Jerri Manthey.

Were you surprised to be a Villain and not a Hero when you were asked to come back? Did you want to be on the Heroes tribe?

I think based on my actions in the first time around, I was surprised. Based on the polarizing effect I had on the United States of America, so I wasn’t. So yes and no. When I found out it was Heroes and Villains, I said, “I know what tribe I’m going to be on.” [laughs]

Why did you cast the lone vote for Courtney last week when Boston Rob went home? Why not tie it up by voting for Russell or conversely side with Russell and vote for Rob?

Obviously to tie it up would’ve been foolish because we would’ve re-voted and nobody would’ve changed their votes and I would’ve had a one in five shot at going home. For me, going with Russ and voting for Rob wouldn’t have been the right thing to do. I wanted to play with Boston Rob. I wanted it to be about the survival of the fittest. It’s kind of a bold concept to come up with. I vocalized it and said I want to take the strongest to the end. I wanted to put my stamp on the game and take the strongest players to the end. So that was the main motivating factor behind my voting for Courtney. I felt that we had to keep the tribe strong, but at that point it was kind of falling on deaf ears.

Were you surprised when you got voted out?

I was blown away. I had no idea. I thought that with our tribe half-starving and with our tribe in a downward spiral, I really thought it would be ludicrous for them to vote me out. I was good at challenges. Boston Rob was probably better, but I felt like I was one of the stronger males out there. When we were getting smoked even with Rob and Tyson there, I was the only on who scored any points at challenges. I felt like for them to get rid of me was pretty foolhardy. I was totally blown away. I didn’t expected to get eliminated at that point.

Is it going to be the tribe’s complete implosion now that it’s just Russell and the women?

I thought that when I got voted out, how can they possibly win again? I think it’s going to be their downfall, absolutely. You can’t vote out the three best males in competitions and expect to continue to win games.

Now why did you sit out Courtney and Sandra at the bowling challenge. We feel like if you had sat them out at the Immunity Challenge, you guys could’ve maybe won.

We weren’t going to win, I don’t agree with that logic. We weren’t going to win no matter what. I knew when Tyson left that we were pretty much on a downward spiral. It was devastating to the tribe, it was devastating to morale. We were pretty much toast. The tribe was hungry, the tribe was complaining about it and I thought if we could have a morale booster and win that we could possibly be ready for the next challenge. But I don’t think it would’ve made a difference one way or the other.

Who were you rooting for after you got voted out? Or once you’re gone do you just not care that much?

Of course I care! I was very honored to have played this game twice. I’m very honored to have been considered one of the top players. For me to go to Ponderosa and try to put my stamp on the jury, I took it very seriously. At that point, I just wanted to see what happened to the tribe, but I was rooting for Rupert, rooting for Jerri, rooting for JT and rooting for Colby, probably those guys in the final four. It’s not a joke to me. In one of my Ponderosa videos, I’m not drinking myself senseless like some people. I’m still part of the game. I was still playing the game because I was still out there.

Now what about the sort-of romance thing they were trying to make it look like you had going with Jerri. Was that for real?

Jerri is an awesome woman, she’s one of a kind, I’m kinda one of a kind. Out there is not the time to start a relationship. We started and we kinda put the brakes on it. I’m looking forward to seeing her at the finale. We promised ourselves that once the game was all said and done, we would go out away from the game. I’m looking forward to seeing her.

Do you have any messages for your fans?

Go to I’m going to be in a movie this year called “180.” You haven’t seen the last of me. All the Dragon Slayer fans are going to see me again on the big screen and you’ll probably see me back on the TV screen at some point.

Are you glad you came back to “Survivor?” Was it as fun the second time around?

Your first time is magic. Your second time is like, “Okay, this is cool, but I’ve been here before.” I wanted to go out there and be myself so people could see a more humble, more genuine side of the Dragon Slayer and I think I proved to be a warrior in challenges, chivalrous to the ladies. I love the game and I respect the game and I respect everybody who played the game, whether their philosophy was the same as mine or not.

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