tyson apostol survivor 320 'Survivor' villain Tyson Apostol: Russell 'had nothing to do with it,' 'you could tell he was slimy'“Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains” sent home only the second villain — Tyson Apostol. Find out how he feels about Russell, Rob and “American Idol.”

We got a little sidetracked with Tyson at first, delving into some “American Idol” talk. He isn’t a Kara fan and thinks Ellen is trying too hard. He also thinks the show will suffer without Simon Cowell.

But let’s jump into the “Survivor” talk.

How did the blindside happen? How did Russell get you to change your vote?
Why do people keep asking me that?! [laughs] Russell had nothing to do with it. I wanted Parvati gone more than Russell. I knew Russell had the Idol, I knew he’d made an alliance with Parvati and I knew if Parvati was gone he’d have nowhere to turn but me. I also knew Parvati had people on the other side. Whether she’d align with them, I don’t know, but it helps to know people. Preemptively, I was thinking if there was a switch or a merge, it would be better to get rid of Parvati.

But then how did Russell know to give her the Idol?
I think he knew he was screwed either way, whether it was this week or next week, so he was like, ‘I may as well go out with a shred of dignity so I don’t look like a complete a** on TV.’

So he didn’t know about the 3-3 split and that you changed your vote?
There’s no possible way he could’ve known.

What did you feel about Russell? Did you like him?
I didn’t mind him. If we lived in the same city at home I wouldn’t call him every day to hang out because we’re two different people but I had nothing against him. You could tell he was slimy. It’s not hard to see and him not getting in the ocean at all to bathe made it worse. It’s not like he was a hard person to read. I knew he was sneaky, I knew he was slimy, but that didn’t matter because I thought I could get him on my side for a time if I needed to use him, as long as I squashed out Parvati and Danielle first

Is it as big of a Rob vs Russell thing as the editing would have us think?
I think they definitely exaggerate it a little bit but there was a Rob vs. Russell vibe going on for sure. I don’t know where it came from, Russell just hated Rob from the get-go. I don’t know if it was jealousy or genuine hate or what it was, but Rob just kinda retaliated, like if you’re against me, I’m against you.

Why do you think the VIllains worked so well together right off the bat?

This is my theory on it. For the most part, and it doesn’t apply to each person, but for the most part the villains are generally the thinkers and the game-players of “Survivor.” I might get into trouble saying this, but I think there’s a higher intelligence level on the Villains side in general. Also, the Heroes were so aligned even if [a vote] wasn’t the best choice, they would go with it. They didn’t give themselves enough leeway. Keeping James around for another week with that bum knee was ridiculous. It doesn’t make sense at all. In that respect, the Heroes weren’t open-minded enough to switch up their game play if it needed to be switched up.

In our recaps, we’ve started called this season Brawn vs. Brains instead of Heroes vs. Villains
Exactly! That’s exactly what I’ve said! All these muscle-y dudes, but I really thought we would beat them in anything that had to do with brains and so far we have.

Who are you rooting for now?

My core alliance was Rob, Courtney and Sandra, but for me, if I don’t get the million dollars, what do I care who wins it? It’s not like they’re gonna cut me my half and pay the taxes and buy me a car, so it really doesn’t matter. But I guess I would prefer Rob, I think he is probably playing with the most heart of anybody. He would deserve to go far in the game. Sandra and Courtney, of course I want to see my alliance do well, especially since I kinda screwed things up last night. I feel bad screwing up people’s games. But what can you do?

Do you have anything to say to your fans?
No. [long pause. laughs] I hate that question, it’s too broad.

Did you have fun doing “Survivor” again?
Yeah, I always have fun. I turn everything in to a fun experience for everyone. It was definitely a different vibe than last time, but it was still fun. I like the game play and the strategy. It was fun for me.

What do you mean a different vibe?
It was just more cutthroat. It was strictly game play. You were there to make as much money as possible and so there really wasn’t a lot of time to just be friends with people and just hang out. Whereas last time, you had a lot of time to just bond with people a little more. Does that make me sound too tender as a person? I don’t want to come off as tender. [laughs] No, I’m kidding. But you didnt’ take the time to get to know people outside the game, they wanted to get as much money as they could out of it. It was more business, no pleasure. That was the vibe.

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