boston rob amber mariano pregnant fourth child sonogram gi 'Survivor's' Boston Rob and Amber Mariano expecting fourth child

“Survivor” alums Rob and Amber Mariano are pregnant with their fourth child. Boston Rob made the announcement via Twitter on New Year’s Eve.

Posting along with a sonogram photo — yes, Boston Rob is one of those people — the reality star made sure everyone knew how much he was attracted to his wife:

Although it’s impossible to tell (without a medical degree anyway) the sex of the unborn child, he or she will be in good company. The Marianos already have three daughters: Lucia Rose, Carina Rose and Elisabetta Rose, ages 4, 3, and almost 2, respectively.

Having first met on “Survivor: All-Stars” back in 2003, Rob and Amber were the last two standing in the season finale. Rob proposed, and Amber ended up winning the million-dollar prize money. They were married in 2005 and have since participated twice on “The Amazing Race.” Rob also returned to “Survivor” for 2011’s “Redemption Island,” when it was his turn to win the prize.

Posted by:Laurel Brown