jeff probst vytas baskauskas survivor blood vs water 'Survivor's' Jeff Probst talks 'Two and a Half Men,' and the Aras Vytas dynamic“Survivor” host Jeff Probst has answered some burning questions for EW about the brothers Baskauskas and his (naked) appearance on “Two and a Half Men” this week.

On Aras and Vytas:

“I think they are probably representative of a lot of older/younger brother relationships. Having two brothers myself, I found their relationship very compelling. … I truly hope they are able to heal their relationship and become closer as a result of this experience. It’s clear that’s what Aras wants — the question is whether or not Vytas is ready for it.”

On Tina joining the brothers at Redemption Island:

“I like Redemption this season because I think it offers a lot of strategic opportunities and a place for players to air dirty laundry and maybe even make up things that aren’t true. I also like second chances. But it doesn’t matter to me who is there– one is going home, two stay and the game continues. I know you question this, as you question a lot of things, but honestly, we are producing the show and going with the flow and just trusting in the casting and the format to do their job. It’s worked for 27 seasons!  (Well, most of them anyway!)”

On his “Two and a Half Men” appearance:

“I had so much fun. I got a call on Monday asking if I could shoot on Thursday. I said yes before they could also tell me that I’d be naked. Or nearly naked — tiny little underwear is all I was given. When CBS ran a promo during CBS football, they actually painted on hilarious white underwear. I guess because it was daytime and they thought I might be offensive. I’ve been assured there isn’t the same censorship at 9:30 p.m. on Thursdays when ‘Two and a Half Men’ airs! So to answer to your question — no shirt, no pants, no baseball cap.”

Tune in Thursday, Nov. 14 at 9:30 p.m. on CBS to see Probst in all his glory on “Men.” “Survivor” airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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