susan boyle agt getty Susan Boyle wants to sing with Brad Pitt, forgives Simon CowellSusan Boyle, who became a pop culture phenomenon in 2009 after her “Britain’s Got Talent” audition went viral, has done plenty of duets throughout her brief career. But one dream singing partner may surprise you.

Boyle tells CTV she hopes to one day sing with… Brad Pitt.

Apparently, Boyle’s standard for musical talent is easily trumped by a good old-fashioned shallow agenda. “He doesn’t sing, but he’s darned nice looking,” she says. She also notes that she hopes to one day do a duet with Donny Osmond. That makes a little more sense!

Nearly three years after her rendition of “I Dreamed A Dream” shocked the world and catapulted her to a level of fame she almost couldn’t handle, Boyle still hasn’t come to terms with the experience. “It’s a bit phenomenal and just incomprehensible, really. You can’t really take it in,” she says. “Never judge a book by its cover, that’s the moral behind that.”

Boyle also forgives Simon Cowell for any initial harshness toward her. “I think he’s a lovely guy and I’d like to thank him personally for giving me a chance to show him what I can do,” she says. “That’s his persona. It would be very unfair of me to say anything else because Simon Cowell is who he is.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie