susan lucci red carpet gi 325 Susan Lucci: Gown in Smithsonian, Emmy on mantle and new show on Lifetime

Susan Lucci is amped up about her new role as Genevieve on Lifetime’s upcoming “Devious Maids,” but she’s still savoring a recent honor at the Smithsonian Institution.
“It was mind-boggling,” Lucci says of the May ceremony with Alex Trebek and Phil and Kathy Parker, the creators of “Barney.”
The “All My Children” star donated an outfit for the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. The new exhibit will showcase memorabilia from daytime TV.
“We grow up in this country and [the museum] is held in such high regard and the ceremony itself was so much fun,” Lucci tells Zap2it
“Just to be there — I have not been to the Smithsonian since my children were little and I loved it so much then and love it so much now. I wished my first generation Italian-American dad had been alive to see this.”
The Smithsonian asked Lucci for memorabilia related to the Emmys. Lucci had been nominated a record 18 times for a Daytime Emmy until she was finally awarded one in 1999. 
She presented the Smithsonian with a gown and a pair of shoes. She had only worn the shoes once — to dance at the White House when Bill Clinton was president.
Incidentally, when she won the Emmy, President Clinton sent her a congratulatory note.
“The Smithsonian also asked for a script from the series, and that is all going to be in the new wing in their permanent collection,” she says.
The soap has since moved to the web, and that hard-earned Emmy? 
“It is center stage on the mantle in the living room,” Lucci says.
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler