katie leclerc switched at birth season 3 'Switched At Birth's' Katie Leclerc: 'We bring the hotness' in the remainder of  Season 3When we pick up in the second half of “Switched At Birth” Season 3, Bay is struggling heavily with her feelings for Emmett, while Daphne is determined to find the person who vandalized her mother’s design studio.

Zap2it spoke with actress Katie Leclerc, who plays Daphne in the series about what’s to come this summer and so much more.

Rest assured, Leclerc says Daphne is no damsel in distress. “Daphne does indeed find the person who vandalized the design studio this season. Her mother raised a strong, confident, independent person and the danger in doing that is your kids go on to do really stupid things,” she says. “So going up to a gangbanger and pointing a finger in his face may not go over so well. But again, Daphne is incredibly strong, so I think her determination and her willpower might persuade him. She tries to play it smart, even though she’s doing a stupid thing.”

Leclerc also dishes on whether there is hope of Daphne and Emmett being the next Dawson and Joey, saying, “I love that comparison. I think that the more likely scenario would be the Bay-and-Emmett eventual hookup. I think Daphne definitely had really strong feelings for him, but I honestly think that may just be residual feelings of growing up. When you are young  feelings get a little bit muddled and confused. Your world is a little bit smaller then and as Daphne’s world expands, she will see how much Emmett is really into Bay.”

The actress guarantees a few things for the remainder of Season 3. “I can say we bring the hotness this season, especially later on,” Leclerc says. “There’s a lot of steaminess and really intense scenes.  My character’s arc is so insane. I can’t wait for fans to see it and I can’t wait to see it myself! Every choice has a consequence.”

Although wedding bells couldn’t be further away for her character of Daphne, Leclerc is planning her real-life wedding to fiance Brian Stuart Habecost. “The wedding is in September, it’s upon us. We have so much more planning to do. I have a wedding planner, so I tell my family I have no stress, because I am paying someone to stress for me. We’ll see how long that lasts for me.”

Leclerc also confesses her favorite part of the planning process is not the dress or the food, its that the wedding will be a weekend experience in Palm Springs with family.

“Switched at Birth” returns to ABC Family Monday (June 16) at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Posted by:Sarah Huggins