cassi thomson lucas grabeel joey lauren adams switched at birth finale abc family 'Switched at Birth' Season 2 summer finale: Do Toby and Nikki tie the knot in 'Departure of Summer'?Heading into the Season 2 finale of “Switched at Birth” on Monday (Aug. 19), who knew that the most pressing issue needing resolution during these summer episodes would be whether Toby (Lucas Grabeel) and Nikki (Cassi Thomson) actually made it down the aisle?

Sure, the ABC Family hit was juggling quite a few balls leading into this finale. There was the ever-escalating saga with Daphne (Katie Leclerc) and her blackmail of Senator Coto and Bay’s (Vanessa Marano) impending separation from Ty (Blair Redford) with his redeployment, but the entire season came together with this wedding.

Picking up tonight at the rehearsal dinner, it’s clear that Kathryn (Lea Thompson) and John (D.W. Moffett), along with Nikki’s mom Jenice (guest star Joey Lauren Adams), are hoping to find an opportunity to speak to their children and express their concerns over the rushed nature of these nuptials. Only they never get the chance.

It takes a chance moment where Toby overhears John scoffing at the notion that the couple is cute, saying he knows he’ll be paying for the divorce in two years, to force the conversation we’ve been waiting for all summer. It goes over about as well as you’d think, leading to Toby and Nikki bolting together, heading to the bridal suite.

While there, they begin to ponder the suggestions of their parents rather maturely before falling into bed together, with Nikki officially putting aside that particular religious objection. In the morning, they send Kathryn calling off the wedding and, like that, we think they’ve come to their senses. If only the episode ended there.

In the finale’s final montage sequence, we catch a glimpse of the two exiting city hall, with Nikki in the dress she’d planned to wear all along. This isn’t going to go over very well.

Elsewhere in the hour, Coto accused John of being the mastermind behind Daphne’s blackmail, ramping this storyline up into something quite serious. Daphne now faces, at worst, felony blackmail charges and could wind up behind bars. John and Kathryn are willing to pay the $50,000 Coto wants to be quiet, but Daphne being Daphne, she can’t stand for the sleaze to get away with what he’d done.

In a sequence that feels a bit too rushed for my taste, Daphne goes to Jace and asks him to publish her side of the story on his blog, knowing full well it’ll probably get Jace deported and herself locked up. They publish it anyway and, sure enough, Jace is last seen being carted off by police. Adios, ya hunky Brit.

It’ll be interesting to see how far the writers take punishing Daphne when the show returns in January. Could she really wind up behind bars? Chances are no, she won’t. But you never know.

In the realm of Bay, Ty learns that his once safe-seeming deployment orders have been changed to send him straight into a war zone. Rather than be honest with Bay (because why start now?), Ty makes it look like he cheated on her so she will get over him now before she has to mourn his death. Pretty nasty thing to do to a girl who’s already been cheated on once, but I’ll let it slide because it led to some pretty stellar moments between Bay and Emmett (Sean Berdy), the best couple this show ever produced. It’s time for them to get back together, clearly.

The less said about the Angelo storyline, the better. It felt completely shoehorned into the already incredibly busy hour and turned his entire story this season into a waste of time. All summer spent searching for his baby, taking her back from the loving parents who legally adopted her, and then just deciding to give her back?

Look, I get that when you have Gilles Marini, you find something for him to do because, I mean, look at him. But I’d love for Angelo to become better integrated into the central dynamics of the show. Otherwise, the character is an unnecessary timesuck.

All in all, the hour laid some fine groundwork for the upcoming season. Is it January yet?

Posted by:Billy Nilles