vanessa marano switched at birth season 3 spring finale abc family 'Switched at Birth' Season 3 spring finale: Vanessa Marano teases Emmett's catfishing and love triangle resolutionThis first half of Season 3 of “Switched at Birth” has been quite a trying time for poor Bay Kennish. Not only has she been trying to decide what to do with her love life (aka, is she going to choose new fling Tank or lingering love Emmett?), but she’s been battling back from a pretty nasty injury to her right hand that’s sidelined her from her true love, art, and from the heavy sign language communication her life requires.

For Vanessa Marano, who plays Bay, everything post-injury this season has been a bear to film. “It has been awful filming that this season because if Bay doesn’t get to use her right hand, that means Vanessa doesn’t get to use her right hand,” she tells Zap2it just before the spring finale of the hit ABC Family series, airing Monday (March 24), “and I don’t know if you’ve seen ‘Switched at Birth,’ but there’s quite a bit of sign language involved, so it’s a lot of one-handed, left-handed signing. That’s not my dominant hand, so it feels so weird.

“I am the No. 1 fan of, like, Bay gets her right hand back,” Marano adds. “Yes, because it’s so important to her. Art’s her life and it’s her first love, and yes her communication with all her friends, but most importantly because it makes my life so much harder.”

While fans will see Bay inch ahead on her road to recovery in the finale, Marano admits the hour is much more focused on her relationships with Emmett (Sean Berdy) and Tank (guest star Max Adler). “Art kind of takes a step aside in our finale as she focuses on those two aspects in her life,” she says, “and really, ultimately trying to protect Emmett from who she perceives not to be a real person who he’s talking to on the internet.”

She is, of course, referring to Emmett’s mysterious internet girlfriend who Bay learned in last week’s episode may not be who she says she is. So, is this “Catfish: The ‘Switched at Birth’ Edition”?

“Well, you know, we’ve got to remind people that you shouldn’t just randomly fall in love with people you meet on the internet and don’t ever meet them in person,” Marano laughs. “Like, that’s a poor choice. Note to society: Make sure you’re talking to someone real.”

As for whether Bay makes a definitive choice between the two men in her life, Marano plays coy. “I can say that everyone who watches is gonna be really happy and really angry at the exact same time because it does end so unresolved, but it ends in a way that it would be resolved in the premiere in the summer,” she teases. “So hopefully, it irks everyone as much as it did when I read the script.”

As for all the other balls in the air as the show heads into a hiatus, Marano says she’s been surprised Toby (Lucas Grabeel) and Nikki’s marriage woes came to a head as quickly as they have this season. “There’s a great scene that Lucas has in the finale that’s going to rip everyone’s heart out,” she teases.

She also admits she’s enjoyed watching Daphne’s (Katie Leclerc) own love triangle with Campbell (guest star RJ Mitte) and Jorge play out. While it seems Daphne chose Campbell last week, Marano teases, “Notice that we saw her choose him, but Jorge didn’t see her choose him.”

“Oh, ‘Switched at Birth’ loves the triangles,” she laughs. “It’s our favorite shape.”

The “Switched at Birth” Season 3 spring finale airs Monday, March 24 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

Posted by:Billy Nilles