On Wednesday (April 30), Syfy announced a large slate of new programming to air in 2014 and 2015. Included in the announcements are six scripted series — “Pax Romana,” “Ronin,” “Clone,” “Letter 44,” “Magicians” and “Killjoys” — as well as nine unscripted series and a web series.

Scripted series

“Pax Romana” — Based on Jonathan Hickman’s graphic novel, “Pax Romana” follows a Special Forces team back in time to ancient Rome. The future soldiers are trying to alter history in order to avoid World War III by battling the Roman legions.

“Ronin” — 800 after a Japanese Ronin samurai failed to save his master from a demon, he awakens in a futuristic New York in the body of medical experiment Billy. The demon has also been reawakened, so the Ronin has to fight for control of a magical sword to save it from the forces of evil. This is based on Frank Miller’s comic book series.

“Clone” — From Robert Kirkman (“The Walking Dead”), “Clone” is based on a graphic novel and follows retired soldier Luke Taylor as he navigates a vast conspiracy centered on a secret biotech program. It all begins when Luke investigates his wife’s kidnapping and a break-in perpetrated by his own clone.

“Letter 44” — Another graphic novel adaptation, newly elected President Stephen Blades receives a letter from his predecessor, revealing a mission to the asteroid belt to investigate a secret alien construction project.

“Magicians” — Based on a book series by Lev Grossman, this drama follows a group of New York 20-somethings who study magic, only to find that the magical world of fantasy is real and poses a threat to the Earth.

“Killjoys” — This 10-episode space adventure will premiere in 2015. “Killjoys” follows a trio of fun-loving interplanetary bounty hunters who chase down deadly warrants in a system on the brink of a bloody and interplanetary class war.

Unscripted series

“Adam + Eve” — Three individual couples will each meet each other for the first time and then will experience isolation in separate, remote locations for 90 days. This social experiment is meant to explore the dynamic between two people who have only each other.

“Alive and Alone” — A first-person POV story in which a “lone survivor” of a remote disaster must combine wits and what can be salvaged to make it out alive for nine days.

“Billion Dollar Club” — This high-adrenaline docuseries goes into the cutthroat world of Silicon Valley. The series focuses on two aggressive accelerator programs: software-focused 500 Startups, headed by “drill sergeant” Dave McClure, and hardware-focused Highway 1, led by “quirky genius” Brady Forrest. The two men will guide a select group of startup companies to possibly create the next big thing.

“Family Affects” — A comedy-tinged docuseries focuses on Tom Ceglia, his five kids and crazy uncle Al as they run a special-effects pyrotechnics company in Hollywood. “America’s most explosive family” blow things up for work while Tom tries to prepare the next generation to take over the business.

“Fantasy Makers” — The people behind New York City’s Blood Manor are profiled in this docuseries about a “loud, energetic and colorful cast of characters.” They scare some clients and plan wild-themed events for others.

“Geeks Who Drink” — This is a game show based on the geek pub quiz phenomenon, in which teams compete in a live geek-trivia battle.

“The End Is Near” — Profiles of men and women who believe humanity is facing an apocalypse are shown. Scenarios include robot revolutions, super viruses, aliens and more.

“Town of the Living Dead” — This comedic docuseries focuses on the small town of Jasper, Alabama as its residents try to complete their own independent zombie film, “Thr33 Days Dead,” after six years. The show premieres Tuesday, Oct. 7 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

“Twins” — In a social experiment, fraternal twins are tested to see if they have twin ESP. A big twist is expected to reveal a shocking surprise.

Online series

“Underlings” — A workplace comedy brings viewers into a criminal organization. The web series stars Joseph Gatt (“Game of Thrones”) and Jessica Chobot (“Attack of the Show”).

Posted by:Laurel Brown