Following on the success of “Sharknado” and the hoped-for success of “Sharknado 2: The Second One,” Syfy has ordered a third “Sharknado” movie to be aired in the summer of 2015.

This brings up many questions. Questions like:

  • Why?
  • What city might get sharknadoed next, after Los Angeles and New York?
  • Will Ian Ziering and Tara Reid star in a third film as well?
  • What will they call it?
  • Why?

While answers to the second and third questions will need to come from Syfy (and there may never be an answer to the first question), we here at Zap2it have come up with a few modest suggestions for what the third “Sharknado” film might be called. Without further ado …

  • “Sharknado 3D” (with blue and red glasses from 7-11)
  • “3 Shark 3 Nado”
  • “Harold and Kumar Escape from Sharknado”
  • “Sharknado 3: The Search for Shark”
  • “Sharknado: Mockingjay” (split into two movies)
  • “Ian Ziering and the Temple of Sharknado”
  • “Sharknado 3: The Sharknadoing”
  • “Live Free or Sharknado”
  • “Sharknado 3: Assignment Miami Beach”
  • “I Know What You Did Last Sharknado”
  • “Sharknado: The Last Stand”
  • “Syfy’s Agents of S.H.A.R.K.N.A.D.O.”
  • “Sharknado: Breaking Dawn”
  • “The Sharknado Ultimatum”
  • “Sharknado 3: Secret of the Ooze”
  • “National Lampoon’s Christmas Sharknado”
  • “Sharknado Beyond Thunderdome”
  • “Sharknado: The Winter Soldier
  • “From Sharknado with Love”
  • “Sharknadoes Go to Japan”
  • “Sharknado 3: Sharknado in the Hood”
  • “American Sharknado Story: Coven”
  • “Sharknado and Sharknadoerer”
  • “Sharknados in the Outfield”
  • “Sharknado 3: Day of the Sharknado”
  • “Sharknado: Shark of the Moon”
  • “Sharknado episode VI: Return of the Sharknado”
  • “An American Sharknado in London”
  • “Sharknado 3: The Sharknado Diaries:
  • “Sharknado: Golden Receiver”
  • “Sharknado 3: Season of the Sharknado”
  • “Sharknado 33 1/3”
  • “Sharknado 3: Your Sister Is a Sharknado”
  • “Sharknado 3: Sharknados on Patrol”
  • “Sharknado 3: The Final Frontier”
  • “Sharknado 3: Sharknetric Nadoloo”
  • “Night of the Living Sharknado”

Any other “Sharknado” title ideas? Share them on Twitter! “Sharknado 2: The Second One” premieres Wednesday, July 30 on Syfy.

Posted by:Laurel Brown