sylvie cachay soho Sylvie Cachay, fashion designer, identified as Soho House victimThe woman who was found dead in a bathtub on Thursday, Dec. 9, at the Soho House has been identified: Manhattan-based fashion designer Sylvie Cachay. Her body was found when neighbors issued a complaint about an overflowing tub from the room above them. 


The Daily News is reporting that  that investigators originally suspected an overdose, but are now thinking she may have been strangled (she had bruises on her neck). Police questioned her boyfriend Nicholas Brooks, who is the son of Oscar-winning composer Joseph Brooks. Joseph Brooks made headlines last year when he was indicted with 82 counts of sex-related charges. No arrests have been made at this time and the cause of death has not yet been released.

Cachay’s friend says the relationship between the two had been a rocky one: “I don’t think it was a healthy relationship. I just think he’s unstable from what she’s told me.” The couple had been dating for two months.

Sylvie’s mother, Sylvia Cachay, says, “It’s beyond understanding. She was so beautiful. She was an artist. She was a fashion designer. She had her own company. She was an entrepreneur. A girl that spoke four languages. She went to the best schools.”

Cachay’s designs were featured in the pages of Vogue, People and Elle.