ashley galvan sytycd video 320 'SYTYCD': Ashley and Kent compare dancing with all stars vs. contestants“So You Think You Can Dance” Season 7’s new format threw most of the fans for a loop.

With the all-stars in play, there were less finalists this time around, which we’re still not thrilled about, but we’ll take what we can get.

As the competition got underway the first few weeks, we weren’t so sure about the all-star pairing since they mainly served to highlight just how untried the competitors were. Occasionally, an all-star and a contestant had decent chemistry, but it was still odd to watch a performance and still have our eyes drawn to the all-star.

The Alex Wong and Stephen “tWitch” Boss hip-hop number certainly changed perceptions of the benefits of pairing with an all-star. Perhaps it was a combination of chemistry, Wong’s virtuosity or choreographer Napoleon and Tabitha D’umo‘s savvy, but all eyes stayed on Wong. The routine was the highlight of the whole evening.

With the Wednesday, July 7 episode, however, we finally got to see the contestants dance with the other contestants, and in the case of Lauren Froderman and Kent Boyd, they produced magic. After the performance, Boyd and the other dancers talked to Zap2it about performing in both formats.

See what Boyd and Ashley Galvan have to say:

We’re still not entirely sold on the all-stars (as lovely as they are). Probably the other downside is that there are fewer contestants so, the fact that we lost three ladies in three weeks has made the gender balance incredibly skewed.

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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen