eliana girard sytycd 'SYTYCD' Season 9 auditions continue: Eliana Girard looks like a winner“So You Think You Can Dance” is just in its second week of Season 9 auditions, but already hopeful Eliana Girard is drawing comparisons to Season 8 champ Melanie Moore. And not just from us, but from guest judge (and big-time “Dance” fan) Jesse Tyler Ferguson (“Modern Family”), who sat in for this round of tryouts.

When “SYTYCD” stopped in Los Angeles to screen potential dancers, they hit a rich vein of talent and sent a slew of contestants through to Vegas but none stood out like Girard, who combines her classical ballet training with some seriously rigorous pole dancing to produce a style that is utterly unique.

“I just hope that the people watching realized why in watching you we need a performance from the face and from the heart,” said judge/producer Nigel Lythgoe. “It’s not just putting on a face, but feeling it. It was a beautiful transition and it didn’t feel fake. The dancing was superb. One of the best girls this year.”

“I already love you so much,” said Ferguson. “You have a quality Melanie had last year. She could just draw you in by just being. It was in her pores. You;ve got it.”

“I loved Eliana,” tweeted Lythgoe while watching along with the East coast broadcast. “Who would have thought of a pole dancing ballerina? Only #SYTYCD finds this kind of talent.”

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson