taco bell cool ranch doritos locos tacos Taco Bell dropping kids' meals, toys and proud of it

Taco Bell is taking a big step, considering their competition in the fast food world. The company announced Monday (July 23) that they are discontinuing their line of kids’ meals in restaurants.
The kids’ meals options will begin disappearing from Taco Bells in select markets right away, with the goal of them being dropped in all U.S. restaurants by January 2014, the Associated Press reports. In a press release from Taco Bell, CEO Greg Creed says, “Pioneering this change on our menu is a bold move for our industry, and it makes sense for Taco Bell.” While it might be a peculiar move for most fast food companies, it could make sense for Taco Bell.
The company continues to market themselves to young males who are looking to fill up on food for little money. There’s also many groups who have called on fast food chains to stop marketing toward children because, well, it isn’t good for you.
Still, it’s no big deal for Taco Bell to drop their kids’ menu. According to Creed, sales of the meals account for less than half a percent of the company’s sales. With the growing popularity of options like the Doritos Tacos Locos, Taco Bell is definitely shifting toward a market that just doesn’t include children. “We’re trying to be this Millennial edgy brand, and having a kid’s meal was inconsistent,” Creed explains.
Even without kids to sell to, Taco Bell seems to be doing alright, after all they have more devoted fans than most other fast food places.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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