tagg romney josh matt max greenfield Tagg Romney and 'New Girl's' Max Greenfield   separated at birth?On Tuesday’s (Oct. 2) episode of “New Girl,” the Schmidt storyline revolved around the self-perceived ladies’ man looking like a Romney, since actor Max Greenfield (above, middle left) does bear some resemblance to the presidential candidate’s family.

In case you were unaware, Mitt Romney has five sons and three of them look quite a bit like him. Second-youngest Ben looks just like his mom Ann and youngest son Craig is a pretty good combination of both parents, but the three oldest, Taggart, Matt and Josh, all look just like their dad. And Greenfield on “New Girl.”

The hairbrained scheme of pretending to be “Tugg Romney” did not score Schmidt any booty from the “Kappas for Romney” girls, but it was pretty funny. However, we don’t think Tagg (above, far left) is the Romney whom Greenfield most resembles – we think it’s Matt (above, middle right). Or possibly Josh (far right). What do you think?

Either way, some fun with the 2012 presidential campaign courtesy of FOX’s hit comedy “New Girl.”

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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