target logo orkin logo Target logo rings, Orkin: Did you win 'Million Dollar Money Drop' at home?Two questions from Thursday’s “Million Dollar Money Drop” on FOX have the internet a-buzz about the answer. The first was in the category “Logos” and the question was how many red rings surround the bullseye on the currently-used Target logo. The answer, as you can see above, is one red circle.

The second question giving everyone pause is from the category “Household Pests” and the question was according to Orkin, what creature is the No. 1 pest problem in America (between ants, bedbugs and roaches). The answer was ants.

Contestants Sherman Mitchell and Omar Williams got both questions correct, though they were down to $40,000 by the final question. At this point at home, we had $800,000 going into the final question.

The final question from the category “College” and was who represents a higher percentage of college students, men or women? We said men and we lost. Sherman and Omar won their $40,000.

How did you do?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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