taylor lautner cuckoo bbc Taylor Lautner in 'Cuckoo': 'Twilight' star goes weird for BBC Three comedyBritish fans of Taylor Lautner will soon get to see him as they never have before, thanks to the second season of the comedy “Cuckoo.”

So, yes, the “Twilight Saga” star appears shirtless in a teaser for the BBC Three series; that’s nothing new. But his wild-man beard and off-kilter antics are a far, far cry from Jacob Black.

Season 1 of “Cuckoo” starred Andy Samberg as the title character, an American hippie/weirdo whom a young British woman (Tamla Kari) married and brought home to her family, much to their horror. Helen Baxendale (“Friends”) and Greg Davies play Kari’s parents.

Samberg left the show to do “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” with Lautner hired to replace him. In the teaser, he claims to be Cuckoo’s son and that he traveled a long, long way to find out what happened to his dad.

“Cuckoo” premieres Aug. 7 on BBC Three. Watch the promo below.

Posted by:Rick Porter