taylor lautner shirtless Taylor Lautner keeps his clothes on in 'Breaking Dawn,' hates dancingSorry, Team Jacob. We know you’re used to seeing lots and lots of Taylor Lautner‘s bare chest in your “Twilight” movies, but when you head to the theater to get your “Breaking Dawn Part 1” on this weekend, you may find yourself in ab withdrawal.

Yes, Lautner is only shirtless one time in the latest flick. And you’ll never guess who is to blame!

“I got it down to one time,” he tells MTV rather gleefully. “One time in the movie, that’s it! And it literally lasts for two seconds. There was some negotiating, for sure. There was more, when I read the
original script. Trust me. And I got it down to a very, very small

With all the work the actor clearly puts into his sculpted physique, you’d think he’d be asking for more, uh, exposure. Not less.

“It’s just so that I don’t have to freeze to death while I’m filming this
movie,” he says. “I don’t know why people don’t believe me! It’s
uncomfortable! Everyone on set, the crew, the cast, they’re wearing
bundles of clothes! And I’m just chilling there naked.”


Catching a cold wasn’t wolf boy’s only worry during filming, though. He dreaded the dancing scene with K.Stew.

“Especially when they told us there was going to be lifts and stuff. I
was like, are you kidding me? Are we on ‘Dancing With the Stars’? No!'” he laughs. Maybe someday, Tay-Tay. Maybe some day.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie