rory kennedy ethel kennedy press tour taylor swift conor Taylor Swift dating Conor Kennedy: 'We should be so lucky' says Ethel KennedyPop-country royalty met American royalty in recent weeks as Taylor Swift started dating Conor Kennedy, the son of Robert Kennedy Jr. and the late Mary Kennedy. Taylor and Conor have been spotted strolling hand-in-hand around the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port, as well as stopping for pizza in Mount Kisco, NY.

Rumors hit the web on Tuesday that the duo had been set up by Ethel Kennedy, Conor’s grandmother and the 83-year-old widow of Robert F. Kennedy. However, while discussing her upcoming HBO documentary “Ethel” at the Television Critics Association Press Tour on Wednesday, Ethel denied the rumors that she had played matchmaker.

“Do you see her being a future Kennedy?” a reporter asked.

“We should be so lucky,” Ethel replied immediately. “The talk about my involvement — certainly not [true].”

“You can just leave it at that,” her daughter Rory Kennedy, who directed the documentary, interrupted.

Chuckling, Ethel continued, “Rory went to a concert with her two little girls, and that’s what started it all with Taylor.”

Rory somewhat reluctantly elaborated, “That’s how we first met Taylor Swift. She is a great friend of ours.”

Well, Ethel may not have been the force behind the new couple — but it’s nice to know that she certainly approves.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie