taylor swift intruder no charges gi Taylor Swift intruder off the hook because she didn't post 'No Trespassing' signs?   reportThe 24-year-old man who hopped the fence at Taylor Swift’s Nashville home, and claimed to be her boyfriend when apprehended, is off scot-free.

TMZ reports the criminal trespassing charges against Jacob Kulke have been dropped. Kulke is said to have told police he took a bus to Nashville from Wisconsin to be with his girlfriend Taylor on her birthday.

There is no official word from prosecutors as to why the charges won’t be pursued, but Kulke’s lawyer has an interesting explanation. Apparently since Swift did not post “No Trespassing” signs outside her property, Kulke was led to believe it was OK for him to enter.

Alrighty, then.  

It’s also said Swift’s family chose not to pursue the case, which makes a little more sense.

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