taylor swift chelsea lately Taylor Swift on 'Chelsea Lately': 50 Cent awkardness and Taylor's 21st birthday plansRemember that whole thing where Chelsea Handler was supposedly making out with 50 Cent in the shadows of New Orleans jazz bars? No? Leave it to the brutally honest Taylor Swift to remind us when she visited “Chelsea Lately” on Nov. 24.

Swift’s latest album, Speak Now, sold an impressive 1,047,000 copies in its first week on shelves – quite a feat for 2010. “They say anybody since 50 Cent in 2005, yeah,” she says. “I’m a big fan of 50 Cent. I think you’re a big fan of 50 Cent.”

“I’m not familiar with his music,” Handler teases.

Swift is a big fan herself. “When we’re on tour, we have all three girls – the backup singer, the fiddle player, and me in one room, and we all warm up to 50 Cent music,” she says. “It would be surprising how many lyrics I know.”

“I’m surprised that you warmed up to 50 Cent because I have warmed up to 50 Cent,” Handler says.

Of course, Handler commends Swift on her sexy, sleek hair at Sunday’s American Music Awards, and they discuss the awesome mash-up performance of “Back to December” and OneRepublic’s “Apologize.”

“I got these ideas while I was in Japan,” Swift says. “I was like ‘I want to go into ‘Apologize’ by OneRepublic after ‘Back to December’ and I want it to be a mash-up’ and then the same night I got this epiphany that I wanted to be on a piano like 500 thousand feet above the stage levitating down. And so I made a few phone calls.”

Swift is finally turning 21 this December. “That means I’ll get to go to the concerts that my friends go to and leave me at home for,” she says. “It’s sort of like ‘Oh, we can’t bring the baby because it’s a 21 and over show.’ I don’t want to be that girl where you like try to get in somewhere where you’re too young to get in.”

Yeah, Taylor. That’s why we were excited to turn 21, too. For the music.

All grown up, Swift just moved into her own house, but living alone doesn’t freak her out. “Living alone you can do so many fantastic things, I’ve learned! You can like, walk around and like, have conversations with yourself, and like sing your thoughts.”

Yeah, Taylor. That’s why we were excited to move out of our mom’s house, too. For the thought-singing.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie