harry styles taylor swift pda rumor Taylor Swift song about Harry Styles leaks: Is 'I'm Alright' the break up tune we've been waiting for? Listen now!If you’re one of the zillion people who joked that Taylor Swift would rush to the studio to record a song after her break-up with One Direction singer Harry Styles… well, it looks like you might be right.

A tune leaked on Friday, just one day after Swift tweeted a coy, “Back in the studio. Uh oh…” The unmastered demo of a song called “I’m Alright” already has over 50,000 listens on Tumblr — and it certainly sounds like Swift’s voice.

Of course, the Swift camp isn’t confirming that this is her song about Styles, and there’s always a chance that it could just be a sound-alike fan with too much time on her hands.

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The song includes plenty of clues that it’s about Styles — not the least of which are specific mentions of curly hair and green eyes. The lyrics also mention their several New York City rendezvous (“New York City, what a beauty to our eyes”), singing to each other (“No one’s ever gonna sing to me Stevie Wonder songs again”), and some, er, intimate jokes (“You walk around naked and cover my eyes”). It even offers up the real reason for their split: “Maybe you’re right about this, we’re busy people with busy lives.”

Give the acoustic version of the song a listen yourself, below. (Our player appears just beneath the article.) Do you think it’s a Taylor Swift original, or just a fan with a very good imitation of her singing voice? [UPDATE: Yep, it’s just a fan! The song was written by “Jersey” — check out her other tunes here.]

For his part, Styles has also visited a recording studio — without his One Direction bandmates — since he and Swift split during a Caribbean vacation last week. The inspiration comes quickly for these two.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie