taylor swift ellen may Taylor Swift talks privacy issues: 'It's just obnoxious if I complain'Taylor Swift has a new single, “The Story Of Us,” which means she’s back on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”! This time, Taylor stopped by to chat with Ellen for the show airing Wednesday, and they chatted about all those photos taken of Taylor strolling with people like Jake Gyllenhaal and Garrett Hedlund.

Turns out, Taylor doesn’t mind the paparazzi catching her in private moments. At least, not enough to complain about it. “I think it’s just obnoxious if I complain about anything,” she says. “I hear people talk about like, ‘oh, the intrusions on my privacy!’ It’s like, there are a million other jobs you could have had.”

She’s also not down with dating guys who want to keep her a secret — at least, not since Joe Jonas denied their relationship (and denied it, and denied it). “I’ve just come to an acceptance of the fact, this is my life. If somebody wants to hide a relationship or has privacy issues then we don’t have the same viewpoint. For me, it’s just like live your life. If people happen to take picture then you know, you laugh about it in the car afterwards.”

Check listings for “Ellen” to see Taylor debut her new single and more.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie