busey haggard getty Ted Haggard, Gary Busey to join 'Celebrity Wife Swap'; God doesn't know what to thinkJust when you think reality TV reaches the zenith of bizarre, something new comes along.

Disgraced evangelical pastor Ted Haggard will join and episode of the upcoming ABC series “Celebrity Wife Swap.” And, according to ColoradoSprings.com, the celebrity he’ll be swapping with is…Gary Busey.

Feel free to take a moment to digest this news.

Alright. Let’s resume.

Haggard is probably best known for a 2006 sex scandal with a male prostitute that cost him his job his job as head of the National Association of Evangelicals and the Colorado-based New Life Church. When the news broke about the three-year relationship, Haggard further sullied his reputation by admitting to buying crystal meth. At the time, Haggard called himself “completely heterosexual” in 2007, however in 2011 with GQ, he said he would identify himself as “a bisexual.”

And then there’s Gary Busey. The movie star nearly overdosed on cocaine in 1995 and has endured repeated arrests for battery and drug possession charges. Busey has since become a born-again Christian and minister with Promise Keepers.

The two will swap partners, Busey will end up with Haggard’s wife Gayle and Haggard will spend a few days with Busey’s partner Steffanie Sampson.


Posted by:David Eckstein