teen beach movie premiere disney channel 'Teen Beach Movie' premiere: Does Disney have another 'High School Musical' on its hands?With the premiere of “Teen Beach Movie” on the Disney Channel on Friday (July 19), the channel is clearly aiming to recreate the magic it once had on its hands with the “High School Musical” franchise. But did it achieve success?

It certainly threw out all the stops. In the film, Ross Lynch (“Austin & Ally”) and Maia Mitchell (“The Fosters”) star as Brady and McKenzie, teen surfing sweethearts who, while attempting to catch one final epic wave before summer ends and they’re torn apart, find themselves inside the world of Brady’s favorite classic beach party movie, “Wet Side Story.” It’s all very “Pleasantville” meets Disney Channel cheesy musical.

Once there, they upend the course of the film, with the leading man and woman falling with McKenzie and Brady, respectively. On a mission to right the course of the film and find a way home, Mac and Brady find themselves singing and dancing with the best of them. Do they fix everything and get home? Well, this is Disney, after all.

The biggest question is: Does the tween channel have worthy successor to “High School Musical” on its hands? Vote in our poll below and let us know why in the comments.

Posted by:Billy Nilles