teen choice shazam magic gi Teen Choice 2014: Shazam is the new black for YouTube generation

It was a night for the internet to thrive at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards. That was never more clear than when the song-identifying app Shazam was mentioned several times in the span of a couple minutes.
It wasn’t just a commercial for the service, though. Shazam has become a must-have app for for the current generation of teenagers. Users simply hold their Shazam-enabled phoned up to any song and it will figure out what they’re listening to and gives them the option to buy it digitally. 
The purpose behind the TCAs sponsor’s mentions were to introduce a performance of “the most Shazamed song of the summer,” “Rude” by Magic! According to the Teen Choice Awards Twitter account, the song has been identified by the app three million times. Additionally, if you were quick enough to hold your Shazam-enabled phone up to the TV during their performance on the show, you were treated to an acoustic version of the hit.
Spotlighting the app, among several others, fit in with the tone of the show. Teenagers access their media differently now than every before, relying on the internet for entertainment. That was clear by how the show was dominated by YouTube celebrities. 

For the first time ever, web stars even had their own award categories for comedy, gaming, fashion, music and best collaboration. Outside of the awards, the YouTubers were also utilized as announcers on the show, welcoming presenters and performers. Did you like the shift in focus during the TCAs?
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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