teen choice 2014 tyler posey seana gorlick kiss gi Teen Choice 2014: Tyler Posey, fiance Seana Gorlick kiss   a lot   on the blue carpet

The Teen Choice Awards have to keep things PG, but host Tyler Posey has pushed the boundaries at the 2014 blue carpet. That’s apparently what happens when the “Teen Wolf” star walked with his fiancee, Seana Gorlick.

Posey and Gorlick paused to make out on the carpet rather passionately, as you apparently can do when you’re co-hosting an awards show. Photographers even captured the couple mid-kiss (or got them to pose that way), as you can see above.

In the couple’s defense, it’s important to keep in mind that a) Posey and Gorlick are engaged, and b) they’re not actually teenagers (the actor who plays Scott McCall on TV is actually 22). Plus, Posey is on a show where stars regularly remove their shirts and just about everyone engages in teen sex. Wholesome, it is not.

The two are reportedly planning to marry in the fall of 2014.

Posted by:Laurel Brown