teen mom jenelle tattoo 'Teen Mom' follows in Zac Efron's footsteps with a YOLO tattooWhat do Zac Efron and a “Teen Mom” have in common?

A mutual life philosophy they adhere to so much that they’ve had it tattooed on their bodies, apparently. According to E! Online, “Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans recently inked “YOLO” on her collarbone area while her new boyfriend, Gary, got the same thing on his neck (so classy). Efron got a simple black tat of the four letters on his hand in December.
“YOLO,” for the uninitiated, stands for “you only live once,” which seems like a pretty reasonable life philosophy. But while no explanation was given for Efron’s ink, Evans tells E! that it’s a nod to the Drake song of the same name.

“Jenelle and Gary decided to get the ‘Y.O.L.O.’ tattoo in honor of the Drake song by the same name,” Evans’ manager tells E!. “They are enjoying themselves and Jenelle is doing much better after cutting out all the negative people in her life. She only wants positive people in her life now. No more drama and no more drugs. Jenelle is focusing on [son] Jace, school and her man, Gary.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley