teen mom 2 divorce jenelle evans courtland rogers twitter 'Teen Mom 2' divorce: Jenelle Evans dumps Courtland Rogers over baby mama drama‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Evans appears to be headed for divorce from her new husband, Courtland Rogers, after just 26 days of marriage.

“Today” reports Evans and Rogers have been bickering publicly via Twitter. There was some hub-bub about Jenelle paying a late night visit to another man, and the new bride reported the pair were going to divorce. But the not-so-happy couple made up, and Evans deleted the d-word tweets.

But after a new embarrassing — wait, do these people get embarrassed? — public fight erupted, Jenelle left her groom, who tweeted, “she just divorced me for talking to my daughter.”

Apparently Evans had some concerns about Courtland’s relationship with his baby’s mother, Taylor Lewis, who tweeted to her followers that Jenelle confiscated Courtland’s phone. It must have been a pretty heated battle, because Rogers tweeted, “jenelle said she was gonna make up charges saying I beat her and i never did so that just made me say f**** jenelle for good.”

Jenelle ultimately tweeted, “Deactivating twitter. Bye.” But alas, her account remains active.

Here’s to hoping this wholesome twosome can kiss and make up before the clock strikes 12:00 to ring in 2013. If not, this union will have lasted only half as long as Kim Kardashian‘s second marriage.

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