teen mom 2 jenelle evans pregnant 'Teen Mom 2' Season 5, episode 11: Jenelle Evans finds out she's pregnant again while Leah Messer faces a divorce The moment that has been teased all season-long arrived on “Teen Mom 2” on Tuesday (April 1): Jenelle Evans learning she is pregnant again.

The reality star discovered her pregnancy, with her child this time from Nathan Griffith. While this came as a surprise to no one, it was certainly a happy moment for the young couple. They hope this baby will bring them closer together. But first, they have to tell Jenelle’s mom Barbara.

Jenelle’s tough mom brought up some good concerns she has about her daughter having another kid if they don’t work out as a couple, since Barbara knows she’ll end up taking care of the new baby. But Jenelle promises that no matter what happens with her and Nathan, she’ll take full responsibility for the baby. Time will tell if that’s true, since Jenelle and Nathan end the episode in yet another argument.

Do you think the second time is the charm for Jenelle? Or will Barbara find herself taking care of yet another grandchild?

Meanwhile, unlike Jenelle, Leah Messer received some less-than-stellar news. Jeremy Calvert threatened to file for divorce from Leah after not calling and staying in touch while out of town at work. Leah’s is devastated but she doesn’t want to make the same mistake that she made with her ex Corey Simms, so she is determined to make her relationship work.

Do you think things will work out with Leah and Jeremy? Or will she find herself as a single mother yet again?

“Teen Mom 2” airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum