teen mom 2 finale jenelle 'Teen Mom 2' Season 4 finale 'The End of the Road': Jenelle Evans continues to spiral downward

“Teen Mom 2” ended its fourth and potentially final season with a finale that was ultimately uplifting. Even Jenelle Evans was optimistic about her future when “The End of the Road” concluded, though we know from recent events that her optimism was all for naught.

Still, things were looking good for the other three Teen Moms — Kailyn Lowry, Leah Messer-Calvert and Chelsea Houska — as Season 4 came to a close. Here’s what happened in the finale:

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle is the “Teen Mom 2” star who has made it into the headlines most frequently, and life has gotten much worse for her since the Season 4 finale was filmed. She was recently arrested for heroin possession and assault and kicked out of the home of the mother of her husband, Courtland Rogers, as a result. That’s why it’s hard to travel back in time and see her struggling with her heroin addiction while dating her then-boyfriend Kieffer Delp back in 2012.

After Jenelle’s mother Barbara Evans caught her daughter and Kieffer high on the hard drug, both parties determined how to move forward in the finale. Barbara opted to have Jenelle committed, and though she went through with the action, Jenelle was released after a three-hour-long psychological examination.

For their part, Kieffer decided to press charges against Barbara and her boyfriend Mike for trespassing and, in Mike’s case, assault. Though Barbara felt that the charges had no basis — Kieffer’s name wasn’t even on Jenelle’s home’s lease — she was still heartbroken to see her daughter travel down this path. “I have lost her. She’s gone. She’s going to lose her life,” she said. 

The last scene with Jenelle and Kieffer shows them both high as kites, fighting over where Jenelle misplaced his Adderall. Fans who follow the Moms in real life know that this relationship will end and that Jenelle will continue to spiral downward, so it’s difficult to watch her say last year, “I think everything will work out.” Sorry Jenelle, but you need to at least admit you’re in the wrong to start to get better. For the record, her son, Jace, is still in her mother’s custody.

Kaylin Lowry

teen mom 2 finale kailyn 'Teen Mom 2' Season 4 finale 'The End of the Road': Jenelle Evans continues to spiral downward

After a year of dating, Kailyn and boyfriend Javi Marroquin finally tied the knot in a small courthouse ceremony, and both seemed thrilled about their future prospects. Of course, their time together was cut short by the fact that Javi was ordered to ship off to the air force for boot camp and training soon after their wedding. Of all the Teen Moms, Kailyn seems to be one of the ones to have things the most together, so it’s easy to believe her when she said that she’ll “hold it down” while Javi is away.

At least things went well between Kailyn and her ex-boyfriend and baby daddy Jo Rivera when she revealed to him that she and Javi had wed. He seemed to take the news well, but it remains to be seen how he responds when she inevitably asks him for total custody of her son Isaac so she and her child can move to wherever Javi ends up being stationed.

The “Teen Mom 2” finale is several months delayed, so it doesn’t reference the fact that Kailyn and Javi now have a baby of their own on the way. It was recently revealed that Kailyn is pregnant again, this time with her first child with Javi. That’s why it’s such a pleasure to see them so happy here, because their lives have proved that that happiness still continues today.

teen mom 2 finale chelsea 'Teen Mom 2' Season 4 finale 'The End of the Road': Jenelle Evans continues to spiral downward

Chelsea Houska

The biggest problem in Chelsea’s life during the “Teen Mom 2” finale was gathering the energy to return to beauty school, and that’s a feat that proved to be difficult for her. After missing her planned first day of class because she slept in, Chelsea finally made her triumphant return to Black Hills despite her daughter Aubree locking her out of her bedroom when she was trying to get ready.

It’s nice to see Chelsea seemingly have her life back on track, and she even talked to her dad about how much she has matured in the past year. She didn’t seem to take long to settle back into the swing of things at Black Hills, and at least has had life back under control since her ex and baby-daddy Adam Lind left it.

Leah Messer-Calvert

teen mom 2 finale leah 'Teen Mom 2' Season 4 finale 'The End of the Road': Jenelle Evans continues to spiral downward

Leah and her family had some difficult times to live through in the Season 4 finale as she, husband Jeremy Calvert and ex-husband Corey Simms gathered together to discover whatever illness her daughter Aliannah Hope suffers from. They took Ali to the hospital so she could have an EMG to test her nerves and muscles, and it was determined that she likely has a muscle disorder and it’s probably mitochondiral disease. That revelation led to Ali having a muscle biopsy, which seemed harder on the parents than it was on their daughter.

At least the surgery went well, and Leah is on the road to finally discovering what is wrong with her daughter. Her family seems to be happy and functioning, which is better than some of the other Teen Moms can say (here’s looking at you Jenelle). Things continue to go well for Leah and Jeremy, as the couple welcomed a daughter named Adalynn Faith in early January.

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