teen mom 3 finale special 'Teen Mom 3 Finale Special: Check Up with Dr. Drew': Briana's ex Devon gets escorted out by security

As the season of “Teen Mom 3” came to a close, Dr. Drew sat down with all four of the teen mothers to see how they’ve been doing. While some of the cast members were in a better place in their relationships than what they started off the season, one couple let things get to a boiling point onscreen, and things exploded during the “Teen Mom 3 Finale Special: Check-Up with Dr. Drew.”

Briana DeJesus

While Briana was trying to talk out her issues with her ex Devon, things got heated. When Devon said that Briana “was s***,” both Briana’s sister and mother came out from backstage to yell at Devon. Briana’s mother even took off her high heel and was prepared to throw it at him. He was escorted out by security as he was yelling, “Is this Jerry Springer now?”

Dr. Drew brought Devon back out to talk with him one on one to re-evaluate what he can do to be in his daughter’s life. He admits he’s not doing as well as he should be as a father, but no one is letting him. He says he wants to pay formal child support, and plans to get the paternity of his daughter settled so he can be her father legally. He also apologized for losing his temper onscreen.

Katie Yeager

After Katie and Joey broke off their engagement after their intense fight, he started seeing a new girl for a month. Katie got so angry at Joey that she told him she didn’t care if he ever came out of the mine. When they sat down with Dr. Drew, she gave a heartfelt apology for saying that and he accepted it. 

Joey has been participating in anger management and they’re in couples counseling. They’re back living together and giving their relationship one last shot. However, they still don’t agree on her education because Joey doesn’t think her schooling can support their family. Lucy, Katie’s mom, is still not okay with Katie and Joey getting back together, and Katie’s tired of picking sides between her mom and her boyfriend.

Alex Sekella

For about nine months now, it’s just been Alex and her daughter Arabella, as Matt is not in their lives at all. Alex has tried to set up nine visitations and he didn’t show up to any of them, either due to his using drugs or just not showing up. Alex wants Matt to get better first before he can be Arabella’s dad again. 

Matt also revealed to Dr. Drew that he was homeless, living in the woods, shoplifting food and supplies at his rock bottom point after getting kicked out of Alex’s house. He’s been sober for two weeks now and Alex won’t let Matt near Arabella until he’s been soboer for three months. He passed a drug test during the special, but Alex wouldn’t let him stay to see Arabella.

Mackenzie Douthit

Mackenzie revealed to Dr. Drew that she had the worst summer of her life after filming stopped and we haven’t seen the worst moments. She says she hit rock bottom in her relationship with Josh. Mackenzie had been cheating on Josh, and Josh found out and slept with another girl, and they broke up. 

Mackenzie and Josh are back together now, and Mackenzie says things have never been better. She hardly recognizes Josh, in a good way. Josh says he woke up one day bawling, wanting Mackenzie, and that’s the day things changed for the better. He’s giving up the rodeo and is in school to become a state trooper. They both live with their parents.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum